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Boston Pizza, Saint John, N.B.

There are 348 Boston Pizza restaurants in Canada and over 40 in the United States and Mexico. The Boston Pizza I have been visiting is the one in Saint John, New Brunswick. When you think of Boston Pizza's food, you might think of their pizza, or maybe the pasta. However, they do have nachos as well. Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken Nachos - October 2023 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken (what was left over) - October 2023 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken Nachos - January 2023 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken (what was left over) - January 2023 Boston Pizza Beef Nachos - May 2021 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - February 2021 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - February 2021 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - June 2020 Boston Pizza Beef Nachos - Full Size - 2020 Boston Pizza Beef Nachos - Full Size - 2020 (some chips left without cheese) Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - September 2019 Boston Pizza Spicy Chicken - Full Size - June 2019 Boston Pizza Classic Spicy Chicken Nacho

Churchill's, Saint John, N.B.

Churchill's pub is located on Grannan Street in Saint John's uptown district. Grannan's and Churchill's are part of the Grannan Group with Grannan's being located on Uptown Saint John's Boardwalk area. Whenever I tell people I try nachos around the city, they tell me "you have to rate Churchill's!!!" Many people seem to be of the opinion that Churchill's have the best nachos in Saint John.  Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - November 2023 Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021 Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021 Churchill's beef potato nachos with sweet chili sour cream -  Oct 2018 Side view of the beef potato nachos   - Oct 2018 Distribution of Toppings When we went in July 2021 and then again in November 2023, there was a good chips-toppings ratio , unlike our visits in 2018. You can see in the picture above that we received a lot of chips but also a lot of toppings. There were stil

Pub des Borgia: Quebec City, QC

I am sure people are probably wondering if we went to Quebec more than once this year because of all the nachos. I can assure you all these nachos are from one special week in 2023! That was A LOT of nachos and this is not yet the last entry for that Quebec trip. There was such a wide variety of nachos and it was a great trip for nacho research. Pub des Borgia is located in old Quebec City and it is at the bottom of the steep set of stairs called  Escalier Casse-Cou (Breakneck Stairs), and also at the bottom of the Funiculaire . Pub des Borgia Smoked Meat Nachos - September 2023 Distribution of Toppings Pub des Borgia had pretty good distribution of toppings. There were a lot of toppings to go with every round chip. No picture with leftover bare chips required for this place! Quality There was a lot of mozzarella cheese to go with the smoked meat and they went well together. I should note that we did ask the server for extra cheese when we were ordering our nachos. As you may be able

Yousaf's Nachos

It has been too long since I have posted a new entry of homemade nachos to the blog. I really enjoy when someone puts all their heart into making us a delicious tray of nachos. I love seeing what they come up with to put their own personal spin on nachos. Yousaf is a friend who grew up in Ontario, then moved to New Brunswick, and he is ready to tackle some beautiful hiking trails that our lovely province has to offer. He makes an excellent curry, and one day he decided to make us some Indian fusion Nachos.  Yousaf's Nachos - September 2023 Yousaf's Nachos - September 2023 Yousaf decided to use Scoops chips so that all the ingredients would stay in place on each chip. He made sure there was never a dull moment - every bite was full of flavor. There was a coriander chutney, curry yogurt sauce, and the beef was well-seasoned. He used mozzarella cheese which worked well on these nachos. As you can see from the pictures, these had a pico de gallo style topping, with plenty of diced

Archibald Micro & Resto: Quebec City, QC

I was not lying when I said I had a big backlog of reviews! I am writing this review in December about nachos that I had in September. At least it's in the same calendar year! There are six different Archibald locations in Quebec: Lac-Beauport, Sainte-Foy, Aéroport de Montréal, Trois-Rivières, Blainville, and Cartier Petit Champlain (the one featured here). This place had a look that made me think "These guys must have good nachos." It makes me think of that Shania Twain lyric "So you got the looks but have you got the touch?" Archibald Micro & Resto Veggie Nachos: September 2023 Archibald Micro & Resto Veggie Nachos (what was left over): September 2023 Distribution of Toppings It's usually not a good thing when I have a picture of what was left over. You can see the heartbreak that is bare chips on the tray. I would say that the distribution of toppings was alright but not great, hence the picture. Quality I always love a good triangular corn chip.

Lone Oak Beer Garden: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

The Lone Oak Beer Garden is located in the Avonlea Village in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. It was one of our favorite places to go when we were in PEI, whether it was for some seafood chowder after a 30+ km bike ride in the national park or for a late night plate of nachos. It was a nice breath of fresh air after our disappointing visit to The Ship's Company earlier that night. It was one of those times where we decided that we had to finish the night with some good nachos and the Lone Oak Beer Garden delivered! To read more about Lone Oak Beer Garden, they have a nice write-up on their website.  Lone Oak Beer Garden Nachos - July 2023 Distribution of Toppings Distribution was not perfect with some bare chips left over, but there is no picture posted showing the leftover chips so it wasn't too bad. There was enough fallen toppings left over to scoop up with the leftover chips, which always eases the pain. Quality The toppings tasted fresh with the tomatoes and peppers. Th

The Ship's Company Pub & Galley: Cavendish, Prince Edward Island

The Ship's Company is located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, in the heart of all the tourist attractions. In Cavendish there are about 4 different places where you can play mini-golf, and there is also a roller coaster that was previously located at Crystal Palace in Moncton, N.B. If you were ever wondering where that roller coaster went, it went to Cavendish. There is also a scary haunted house, delicious Cows ice cream, and seafood! In our second trip to Cavendish together, we found some time to do some nacho research and we returned to a place where we had previously enjoyed their nachos.  The Ship's Company Garden Nachos - July 2023 The Ship's Company BBQ Chicken Nachos - July 2023 The Ship's Company What was left over - July 2023 The Ship's Company Chicken Nachos - August 2019 The Ship's Company Chicken Nachos - August 2019 Distribution of Toppings We ordered the BBQ Chicken Nachos and we received the Garden Nachos. We advised the server

Hooters: Montreal, Quebec

Ever have one of those times in your life where you think it would be hilarious to do it, and then you just do it? My whole life I had thought to myself "haha Hooters", and then I realized that it would be funny to go there to review their nachos. So I went. Almost got the Hooters shirt but decided not to. Their website can be viewed here .  How do I describe Hooters? It reminds me of Rocky's  but the waitresses are wearing a little less and there's a sign hung up on the wall saying "please do not touch the livestock." Aside from the water dripping on me from the air conditioner (we took the last available table), I had a good nacho experience.  Hooters Nachos Tex Mex - September 2023 Distribution of Toppings The distribution of toppings was perfect. There was lots of steak and delicious spicy  queso covering the chips. Quality The chips were fresh and crunchy, the queso was sprinkled everywhere, there were some good veggies and dips on the chips. I've m