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Churchill's, Saint John, N.B.

Churchill's pub is located on Grannan Street in Saint John's uptown district. Grannan's and Churchill's are part of the Grannan Group with Grannan's being located on Uptown Saint John's Boardwalk area. Whenever I tell people I try nachos around the city, they tell me "you have to rate Churchill's!!!" Many people seem to be of the opinion that Churchill's have the best nachos in Saint John. In previous visits, like the times in 2018, I was disappointed because of the poor distribution of toppings. I do like going back to places and being pleasantly surprised, and the visit in July 2021 was one of those times. I had to completely re-write my entry on Churchill's because it is a completely different nacho experience now. 

Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021

Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021

Churchill's beef potato nachos with sweet chili sour cream -  Oct 2018

Side view of the beef potato nachos - Oct 2018

Distibution of Toppings

When we went in July 2021, there was a good chips-toppings ratio, unlike our visits in 2018. You can see in the picture above that we received a lot of chips but also a lot of toppings. There were still some toppings left over; however, it was nothing compared to before. 


The chips were fresh and crispy, there was a good toast factor, and the ground beef was wonderfully moist. I liked how there was a lot of dip to go with the chips to add to the wonderful flavor you experience with every bite. I would add, however, that there should be more cheese on them.


There are three types of nachos you can order at Churchill's: corn chip, pita chip, and potato chip nachos. For $17.50 you can get these nachos that come with a sweet chili sour cream. If you add beef or chicken, it is $5 extra. If you add pulled pork, it is $6 extra. If you add salsa and guacamole it is $4 extra. I think it is a fair price because you get a good amount for what you pay, the location is fantastic with big windows and a beautiful old-school pub interior, and the nachos are only slightly higher than average in price. I also think the quality and distribution of toppings justify the price.


I keep looking at the pictures, and I think they kind of make the nachos look bigger than they were. It was a good amount if you want to share for an appetizer; however, if you share as a meal, you might not be satisfied with the quantity. You can get much larger nachos for the same price and comparable quality elsewhere.


The server was very friendly! Great service! 


When someone would ask me "what do you think of these nachos at X place", I would say what I thought of the last experience and I would add in that the opinion can always be changed. There is always a chance that there could be changes made to a restaurant's nachos, and Churchill's has stepped up and has greatly improved where I docked a bunch of points off them in the past. I am so happy to give a place a good review after calling them passable for years. While they are not perfect regarding the quantity and amount of cheese, I will gladly put them in the top ten of Saint John.

Nacho Blog Rating: B+