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Churchill's, Saint John, N.B.

Churchill's pub is located on Grannan Street in Saint John's uptown district. Grannan's and Churchill's are part of the Grannan Group with Grannan's being located on Uptown Saint John's Boardwalk area. Whenever I tell people I try nachos around the city, they tell me "you have to rate Churchill's!!!" Many people seem to be of the opinion that Churchill's have the best nachos in Saint John. 

Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - November 2023

Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021

Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021

Churchill's beef potato nachos with sweet chili sour cream -  Oct 2018

Side view of the beef potato nachos - Oct 2018

Distribution of Toppings

When we went in July 2021 and then again in November 2023, there was a good chips-toppings ratio, unlike our visits in 2018. You can see in the picture above that we received a lot of chips but also a lot of toppings. There were still some toppings left over; however, it was nothing compared to before. 


In November 2023, we had the beef nachos but they also had bacon bits on them! There was a good amount of spicy dip to go with them. There was a hint of toast factor just on the edge of the nachos but the middle had all kinds of unmelted cheese shreds. The beef had a really good chili seasoning. There were no peppers but the nachos had tomato and green onion. 


There are three types of nachos you can order at Churchill's: corn chip, pita chip, and potato chip nachos. For $19.75 you can get these nachos that come with a sweet chili sour cream. If you add beef or chicken, it is $5 extra. If you add pulled pork, it is $5 extra. If you add salsa and guacamole it is $5 extra. I think it is a fair price because you get a good amount for what you pay, with decent quality and toppings distribution. The location is fantastic with big windows and a beautiful old-school pub interior, and the price is only slightly higher than average.


These were sufficient to share for lunch. 


Does anyone ever skip to the end, look at the rating, and then read the review? I should ask people how they read the blog sometime. Feel free to leave a comment! Churchill's has high quality beef, dips, veggies, chips, decent value, now good distribution, and usually good service. They just need to cook their nachos a little longer (maybe at a lower temperature?), and put more cheese on them. There is so much potential with them. They are the "Jake from Survivor Season 45" of nachos. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B+