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Taco Pica, Saint John, N.B.

I think I have waited long enough to write up a review about my favorite restaurant in the Saint John area. It is challenging with this one, because I am a "regular" there and I personally like the owners. Are you ready? Taco Pica was founded in 1994 and the menu is flooded with the authentic tastes of Mexican, Guatemalan, and Spanish cuisine. When you walk through the doors, you feel like the snow and -30 C weather does not matter, and that you are now in Central America. I did a little project with myself, where I attempted to try everything on their menu. You can probably guess that while I have tried almost everything on the menu, my go-to is their nachos. Taco Pica Chicken Nachos with extra cheese (old cheese) Taco Pica Chicken Nachos with extra cheese (new cheese) Taco Pica Chorizo Nachos - April 2019 (extra cheese) Taco Pica Chorizo Nachos - April 2019 (extra cheese) Taco Pica Chorizo Nachos (what was left over) - April 2019 Distribution of T

Red Brick Pub Eatery, Hampton, N.B.

Located in the center of Hampton, New Brunswick, Red Brick Pub Eatery is located on the former site of a fire station and is known as the "Red Brick Corner." On March 1, 2020 I ran from Quispamsis to Hampton and had these nachos as a treat at the end of the training run. It is now 2021, a year later, and it was time to see how the Red Brick nachos stacked up against the competition.  Red Brick Beef Nachos- November 2018 Red Brick Beef Nachos November 2018 Red Brick Bacon Nachos- March 2020 Red Brick Bacon Nachos - March 2020 Red Brick Beef Nachos - February 2021 Distribution of Toppings The distribution of toppings was pretty good. There was cheese and vegetables on every chip with toppings to spare after we were done the chips. They were also not shy with the ground beef as there was a lot of ground beef on the nachos. As for the bacon, there was just the right amount of it. Keep in mind that there were not a lot of chips so there was not a lot of room

Via 134 Bistro-Bar, Saint-Louis-De-Kent, N.B.

In the summer of 2018, after biking 26km of the Kouchibouguac National Park, we were hungry for supper! Knowing that this part of the province is known for seafood and poutine and maybe even pizza, I set out to have some fried clams or poutine. Lo and behold, there were nachos on the menu. This restaurant is located in Saint-Louis-De-Kent; a few kilometres from Kouchibouguac National Park. Kouchibouguac Beef Nachos - July 2018 Distribution of Toppings Once I took off the top layer, there were only chips. There was barely any cheese and instead of beef, they put bacon on them, and very little bacon at that. There was a little bit of veggies on them, but nothing impressive. Quality I never agreed with restaurants putting the dip on the nachos because there is the possibility that the person eating the nachos does not like the dip and you have ruined the nachos for them. This time it was sour cream, and I enjoyed it; however, there was only a little bit of sour cream. In addi

Jungle Jim's Bar & Eatery, Saint John, N.B.

Jungle Jim's Bar & Eatery is a franchise with 26 locations across Canada. There is now just one location in the Saint John area, located on the west side. Jungle Jim's has something for everyone and their slogan is "It's a jungle in here." I've been going to Jungle Jim's since the early 2000's and every once in a while, I go and have some nachos. Sometimes I splurge with a "Hurricane" cocktail: It'll blow you away. Jungle Jim's Tex-Mex Chicken Nachos - March 2021 Jungle Jim's Tex-Mex Chicken Nachos - March 2021 Super Super Nachos (beef) - July 2019 Super Super Nachos (beef) - July 2019 Jungle Jim's Chicken Nachos - December 2018 Distribution of Toppings There was quite a bit of toppings when we visited in March 2021, but Jungle Jim's did not have the same amount of cheese as previous visits. There were enough toppings for all the chips, but not enough cheese. Quality I liked how they had mixed cheeses. I