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Freddie's Pizza & Donair, Saint John, New Brunswick

Freddie's Pizza & Donair is located on Charlotte Street, which is around the City Market in the downtown core of Saint John, New Brunswick. I went in 2019 for the first time, and I did not go back until late 2021. I've had them in the top ten all this time, and it really was time to get an update on these nachos. I updated the grade in December 2021 (without the review) and I also  gave a teaser on Instagram that I would be posting about them in the coming days. Let's just say that you no longer have to wait for my updated review of Freddie's nachos. Here we go! 

Freddie's Beef Nachos - December 2021

Freddie's Beef Nachos - December 2021

Freddie's Chicken Nachos (medium) - May 2019

Freddie's Chicken Nachos (medium) - May 2019

Freddie's Chicken Nachos (medium) - May 2019

Distribution of Toppings

In 2019, I counted and after having this medium-sized pizza box full of nachos, there were 8 chips left over with nothing on them. I would say that this is pretty good considering what kind of competition there is when it comes to the distribution of toppings and the size of the nachos. In other words, there are only a handful of places in Saint John that are able to master the art of having something for almost every chip (and I'd say this is one of the places).

In 2021, I did not count the chips left over (haha); however, for the most part, there was something for every chip.   


Not only did they have good distribution, but there was also some sort of spice on the chips to account for the idea that they are not perfect in the distribution department. Thus, they made room for imperfections! If you have them, be prepared for a good-tasting crispy chip. You will see from the most recent picture that they use round chips instead of the triangular tortilla chip. Further, the quality and quantity of dips were average or lacking. The salsa was not tasty and we ran out of dip very quickly. Finally, in 2021, there needed to be more cheese on the chips with a better toast factor. 


The medium-sized nachos were $14.50 and if you add chicken they are $3 more. I do not have the exact price and there is no online menu to reference this, but if I'm going to take a guess from memory, it would be $3.99. I just memorized the menu for the purposes of this blog and took these prices as approximate. The nachos of this size are below average for smaller plates of veggie nachos. I did not see if there was an extra charge for an extra dip but overall I think these are a really good bang for your buck!

When we went in 2021, I looked at the menu and nachos were not on it. I asked the person at the cash if they made nachos anymore, and he said that he would be flexible regarding the cooking of the nachos. In other words, even though we did not see everything they can serve on the menu, we can request it and he can make it. Thus, I have no current pricing. 


The nachos were a good size to share for lunch. I felt satisfied after that meal. 


The server was very friendly and efficient. I liked how he offered to cook food that was not on the menu if the customer would request it. 


Freddie's Pizza has greatly improved in their service. However, they now serve their nachos with less cheese that have less of a toast factor on top of round chips. I found the nachos to be very plain jane, but I appreciated that they still had a good spice on the chips, good distribution, and good quantity. 

Nacho Blog Rating: B+