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Peppers Pub, Saint John, N.B.

Peppers Pub (Lemongrass Thai Fare) is located on the boardwalk in Saint John, New Brunswick. I think their competitive advantage is their Thai food, as I have had many plates of Shrimp Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles without going back to try the nachos. The first experience in 2016 did not leave a great impression on me. However, I must honour my 2 year review expiration rule and re-visit places every two years. A lot could change in that time. That is the amount of time that someone could go from not knowing anything about accounting, to having an accounting diploma at NBCC and being qualified for an accounting job. Therefore, a lot could change at a restaurant in two years and I was ready to go on an adventure to Peppers Pub.
Pepper's Pub Curry Wonton Chicken Nachos - October 2022

Peppers Pub Curry Wonton Chicken Nachos - May 2021

Peppers Pub Curry Wonton Chicken Nachos - May 2021

Peppers Curry Wonton Nachos - Veggie 2016

Distribution of Toppings

I was satisfied with the amount of curry sauce that they had on the wontons and I would say there were toppings on every chip. There was nothing to complain about when it came to the distribution of toppings. 


These nachos continued to have a lot of kick to them. I think that Peppers wants us to have a lot of their drinks to quench our thirst while we enjoy these nachos. They are curry nachos which is different from the other nachos in Saint John. 

I had Peppers' nachos, and I had to look up a definition of nachos. By definition, nachos are tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and often additional savory toppings. These nachos did not have melted cheese, and for that matter they didn't have much cheese on them at all. They were wontons, with some vegetables, and had curry chicken drizzled on them, with a bit of un-melted shredded cheese sprinkled on top.  

Update: When we went in October 2022 there was a little bit of cheese but it was melted. There wasn't a lot of chicken. 


The Veggie Curry Nachos cost $13 and if you add chicken, they are $4 more. If you are looking for something other than traditional nachos, these are worth $13 + $4 for chicken. Due to the increase in quantity, the value has improved for these nachos. 


I think they are sufficient to share as a meal. Peppers has increased their quantity by quite a bit since last time - and I give them kudos for that.  


I went to a restaurant that specializes in Asian food and got Asian nachos. I wrote previously in my conclusion about how these nachos were comparable to going on a first - and only - date with someone. Let's drop the date analogy. It is more challenging to rate nachos that are so non-traditional, because they have a unique charm. I would recommend them if you really love curry and you are looking for something different. However, I really love that traditional nacho. I will conclude with the fact that they have great value and they are great to have with some drinks because they still have the kick. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-