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Peddlers Creek: Rothesay, New Brunswick

 I have reviewed  The Barrel's Head  and it is in the same building as Peddlers Creek but I think I want to separate them for blog entries. In case you did not know, Peddlers Creek,  The Barrel's Head , and Hammond River Brewing Company are three establishments that are all part of one big complex of fun and entertainment in Rothesay, New Brunswick. Are the nachos from Peddlers Creek different from The Barrel's Head? Honestly, I am not much of a regular consumer of their nachos there! Out of all the times I have been to Peddlers Creek/The Barrel's Head/Hammond River, I have had the nachos maybe 3% of the time. A solid pick there for me every time is their wings with homegrown BBQ sauce. However, this is not a blog on wings. Let's get to the nachos: Peddler's Creek House-Smoked Brisket Nachos - May 2022 Peddler's Creek House-Smoked Brisket Nachos - February 2021 Peddler's Creek House-Smoked Brisket Nachos - December 2021 Peddlers Creek BBQ Beef Nachos - M

Costa Nachos Food Truck

In July 2021, Costa Nachos made its first appearance at the Hampton Brewing Company. It was an instant hit with them being sold out of nachos most days they were there. The next week, Costa Nachos made it to the West Side of Saint John, and then made a trip back to Hampton Brewing where I experienced their nachos for the first time. We were their first customers of the day; eagerly waiting for what I have been waiting for my whole life: a place with only nachos. We went a second time in September 2021, delighted to see they had improved their already delicious offering. As you can see from the pictures, we are regulars at Costa Nachos.    Costa Nachos "Blazin' Good Time" (add queso) - July 2022 Costa Nachos "Blazin' Good Time" (add queso) - July 2022 Costa Nachos "Sow Belly" - May 2022 Costa Nachos "The Siam" - November 2021 Costa Nachos "Sow Belly" with extra cheese - November 2021 Costa Nachos "Costa Pollo" - October