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My Nachos

 There is one entry that had yet to be in the blog and that was an entry for my own nachos. I have had the following question a couple of times: -Do you make your own nachos since you have rated everyone else's? My answer was always "hahaha no I just rate other people's nachos and have never made my own". I will add that I have put cheese on chips and microwaved them for a quick nacho fix, but I never made the homemade nacho experience happen on my own.  Lately I have been trying to cook some food from around the world: chicken tortilla soup, lime soup, chicken afritada, arepas, etc., so I really thought that in the spirit of stepping out of my comfort zone with cooking, it would be only fitting to make my own nachos and add them to the blog.  The Nacho Blogger's Nachos - December 2021 The Nacho Blogger's Nachos - December 2021 The Nacho Blogger's Nachos - December 2021 Homemade guacamole on the side There I the kitchen all set to put every experi

Saint John Marina: Saint John, New Brunswick

On May 12, 2021, I was interviewed by Julia Wright on Information Morning  and I said that the Saint John Marina would be my next destination on my quest to find the best nachos. I waited about 3 weeks to go and after that, it took me a while to post this review. Unlike Lily's, whereas I took a long time to review them because the review was going to be poor, I might have taken a long time to collect my thoughts on the Saint John Marina  because it was going to be a really good review that makes me re-evaluate the current top ten of Saint John.  Saint John Marina Beef Nachos - June 2021 Saint John Marina Beef Nachos - June 2021 Distribution of Toppings We did ask for extra cheese on the nachos because I saw a picture of them before going and made a note to ask for extra cheese. Therefore, keep this in mind when you are reading the review and looking at the pictures. I thought that there were just enough toppings to go with all the chips and we did not have any empty chips left ove

Toro Taco: Saint John, New Brunswick

Toro Taco is located in Market Square in the uptown core of Saint John, New Brunswick. It is a mall food court restaurant that serves Mexican food with a variety of sauces and toppings to go with them. There are few places that I have not tried in Saint John when it comes to nachos, and this was one of the places I have always overlooked... normally when I go to Market Square I end up at Lemongrass for some Thai Food or to the Ale House. It was nacho week at the nearby Gahan House, but we ended up stopping by Market Square to meet a friend, so we took the risk of trying the unknown-to-us Toro Taco  nachos rather than the familiar Gahan House nachos. Did the risk pay off? Toro Taco Beef Nachos - November 2021 Toro Taco Beef Nachos - November 2021 Distribution of Toppings These are different nachos from what I usually review. These nachos are not baked or broiled, which is probably the case with any food court nachos. There was very little shredded cheese, lots of queso, and a decent amo

Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub, Saint John, N.B.

The Cask and Kettle Irish Gastropub opened its Irish doors at its first location in Saint John, New Brunswick in 2016. It is located on Prince William street in the heart of the uptown area. I realized that more than 2 years had passed since I had their nachos, and it was time to re-evaluate them. In March 2021, I updated the review... and their rating improved! 2021 has been a very exciting year for nachos in our home town, and one of the reasons is that Cask and Kettle opened a new location in Rothesay, New Brunswick. We went on opening night and again a couple of days later on New Brunswick Day weekend in August because it was just that good. We went again in October 2021, and Cask & Kettle continued to serve stellar nachos. I have debated splitting the two locations of Cask and Kettle into separate blog posts. I think for now, I am going to group all the locations together like I did for Britt's and the Gahan House . Let me know what you think of that approach in the comme