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Utopia Cafe & Grill, Toronto, Ontario

Established in 1995, Utopia Cafe & Grill has been serving homemade food in a casual atmosphere. When I was planning my trip to Toronto, I researched the top nachos in the city and this one came up in another blog. Therefore, I was pretty sure I would be satisfied with my choice and I was both satisfied with the nachos and with the people I went there with! Utopia Steak Nachos- May 2018 Utopia Steak Nachos- May 2018 Distribution of Toppings By toppings, I mean cheese and steak. There were no veggies on these nachos (except jalapeƱos) but there was plenty of cheese. Keep in mind that we did not ask for extra cheese. I see in the menu that there was a veggie sauce, but I must have asked for no sauce on the chips as it is something I would probably do. Therefore, it also trumps my theory about nachos that come with sauce. Quality There were large tender steak pieces on the nachos and there were two different types of cheese in abundance. The chips were tortilla chips a

Lock, Stock & Barrels, Saint John, N.B.

You know you are talking to a "local" when they talk about the location of the Lock, Stock, & Barrels. They would say "it is where the Portland Pub used to be." If you are not a local, Lock, Stock & Barrels is located around the Landsdowne Plaza in the North end of Saint John, New Brunswick. I will begin my review with the statement that this pub probably specializes in steak, wings and beer and not nachos. True that. I went again two years later in 2020 and I stand by my statement. It's tough because people really like these nachos and I cannot understand it. That's why different opinions make the world a beautiful and interesting place.  Lock Stock and Barrels Chicken Nachos - 2020 Lock Stock and Barrels Chicken Nachos - 2020 Lock Stock and Barrels Beef Nachos - 2018 Distribution of Toppings That is one beautiful top layer, isn't it? The picture makes those nachos look more delicious than what they really were, unfortunately. As I said wit

3 Mile Steak & Rib House, Saint John, N.B.

The 3 Mile Steak & Rib House is located on the East side of Saint John, New Brunswick in the core of all the malls and plazas. On their website, they talk about their steak and their "best wings in the city," as well as how they have our local Moosehead beer; however, I see nothing about their nachos. The 3 Mile was also the place to go for dancing on a Saturday night in the 00's, where I have some fond memories of dancing to old school and new school songs in the different bars that make up this place. Now, let's get to the nachos. 3 Mile Beef Nachos- February 2018 3 Mile Beef Nachos- February 2018 Distribution of Toppings What you are seeing in these pictures (and I apologize for the quality because this was before I had my dedicated photographer) are nachos with only a top layer. I had cheese and toppings on the top layer, and then a bunch of chips left over afterwards. Therefore, The 3 Mile did not have good distribution of cheese, veggies, and

Annual Awards Ceremony

Today is Saturday, and it is usually the day that I would post about some nachos I had today. This is a different day from the norm as I did not have nachos. I do think, however, that some awards are due for the nachos I have had to date: The cheesiest nachos : The Snooty Fox nachos with the extra cheese option. Honourable mention to the Delta Mix nachos that have a lot of cheese on them already without asking for extra cheese. It is not recommended to ask for extra cheese when ordering the Snooty Fox nachos as you will have the chips swimming in the cheese.  The tastiest guacamole: Taco Pica. You pay about $5 extra for guacamole on the side but it is worth every penny. It is authentic Guatemalan, Mexican, and Spanish cuisine, so the homemade guacamole is expected, but delicious.  The most consistent nacho : The Snooty Fox. I have had their nachos about 20 times and they were under my expectations maybe once. As a customer for almost 20 years, I have truly enjoyed making t

Irving Big Stop Restaurant, Salisbury, N.B.

With 5 locations in New Brunswick, the Irving Big Stop is the place to go for travelers at a competitive price. If you are going to the Big Stop Restaurant, there are many items to choose from on the menu and, at the Salisbury location, they offer Barbecue Chicken Nachos. I went there with the intention of having a steak because their steaks are amazing and at a good price; however, I was reeled in when I saw nachos on the menu. Irving Big Stop BBQ Chicken Nachos, Salisbury location, December 2018 Irving Big Stop BBQ Chicken Nachos, Salisbury location, December 2018 Distribution of Toppings I would say that the distribution of toppings for these nachos was average. They really liked putting a lot of cheese, chicken, and veggies in the centre, but forgot about the chips on the outside. Thus, they needed to spread it out and/or include more toppings. Quality The pieces of chicken were very big and tender to the point where they may have been under-cooked. I think they ne