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Le Moque-Tortue: Shediac, N.B.

When you visit Shediac, New Brunswick in the summer, you expect to have good seafood, sit on a nice beach, and see a giant lobster. One night we were biking down the road and made a few stops along the way in our quest to find entertainment for the night. We made a stop at a place that took them a long time to ask us for beer (we left), another place that was closing, and finally we stopped at Le Moque-Tortue. In this case, third time was a charm as we were entertained by some live music and it had an impressive menu. I had my heart set on the Acadian dish, Frico; however, I saw other people order nachos, and little did I know that they would soon become a contender for the best nachos in New Brunswick. Le Moque-Tortue is a bistro that has the largest selection of board games in Atlantic Canada. It is located in the downtown core of Shediac, New Brunswick, which is a 15 minute drive from the commercial Moncton, New Brunswick. Shediac has a special place in my heart as a lot of my fami