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Peppers Pub, Saint John, N.B.

Peppers Pub (Lemongrass Thai Fare) is located on the boardwalk in Saint John, New Brunswick. I think their competitive advantage is their Thai food, as I have had many plates of Shrimp Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles without going back to try the nachos. The first experience in 2016 did not leave a great impression on me. However, I must honour my 2 year review expiration rule and re-visit places every two years. A lot could change in that time. That is the amount of time that someone could go from not knowing anything about accounting, to having an accounting diploma at NBCC and being qualified for an accounting job. Therefore, a lot could change at a restaurant in two years and I was ready to go on an adventure to Peppers Pub.   Pepper's Pub Curry Wonton Chicken Nachos - October 2022 Peppers Pub Curry Wonton Chicken Nachos - May 2021 Peppers Pub Curry Wonton Chicken Nachos - May 2021 Peppers Curry Wonton Nachos - Veggie 2016 Distribution of Toppings I was satisfied with the amount

Casa Jalisco Mexican Restaurant: Ellsworth, Maine

We continued our nacho research with a short trip from our cottage in Southwest Harbor to Ellsworth, Maine. Casa Jalisco is a new Mexican restaurant in Ellsworth that reminds me a lot of Las Palapas in Bangor, Maine. The building was formerly a Burger King which has been extensively renovated. I had the large jarrito (Mexican pop) just like at Las Palapas, but this time we said we were going to flip past the appetizer nachos deeper into the menu, where the really large plate of nachos with veggies can be found. We decided to go with the Nachos Supremos. Casa Jalisco Nachos Supremos - September 2022 Casa Jalisco Nachos Supremos - September 2022 Distribution of Toppings There were not enough chips to go with all the toppings. There were so many wet toppings and queso that a lot of the chips were soaked with liquid. Quality We ordered this plate of nachos because we did not want a plain plate like we experienced at Las Palapas. We definitely got a lot of veggies with a mixture of beef an

Pump House, Moncton, N.B.

Since 1999, Pump House Restaurant & Brewery has been serving beer and delicious food to customers in Moncton , New Brunswick. Pump House distributes beer all across Canada and you must visit this brewery and restaurant when you go to Moncton. I am not here to talk about the beer, however. I am all about the nachos. Pump House Brisket Nachos - October 2022 Pump House Chicken Nachos - July 2018 Pump House Chicken Nachos - October 2018 Pump House Chicken Nachos - October 2018 Distribution of toppings I had a few chips without anything on them and this was a small serving that we shared. I was impressed with the distribution of toppings in 2018; however, the distribution in 2022 was not as good.  Quality I am so happy that Pump House now has different options for meat other than chicken. The brisket had BBQ sauce on top of the nachos which made it a little greasy. However, the toast factor was perfect and the nachos were perfectly cooked through. There was less cheese t

The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse, Moncton, N.B.

Since 2006, The Old Triangle has been attracting a crowd for their live entertainment and pub fare.  Located on Main Street in Moncton, New Brunswick, The Old Triangle wowed us in October 2018 with their steak pieces on top of those delicious kettle chips. When we returned in October 2022, we were surprised to see that the steak pieces were no longer an option. Currently (2022), if you want to add meat, the options are pulled pork and BBQ pulled chicken.  The Old Triangle Veggie Nachos (snack size) - October 2022 The Old Triangle Veggie Nachos (what was left over) - October 2022 The Old Triangle Steak Potato Nachos - October 2018 The Old Triangle Steak Nachos (side view)- October 2018 Distribution of Toppings I was impressed with the distribution of toppings in 2018; however, it was not as impressive in 2022. There were some plain chips left over afterwards, and I would conclude that the chip-to-cheese ratio was about average.  Quality The kettle chips were wonderfully crun

Amici Pub & Eatery: Quispamsis, New Brunswick

Amici Pub & Eatery is located next to KV Mexi's in Quispamsis, New Brunswick. When I went into Amici in 2020 (first time in a while), I noticed that the place had some nice renovations done and there was more seating available to accommodate the demand as I know Amici has been growing in popularity due to the word-of-mouth from the local foodies. Every time someone would ask where to go for a dine-in experience in the Quispamsis/Rothesay area, Amici was always one of the places that was mentioned. Amici also now has a nice outdoor patio and we took advantage of it in August 2022.  Amici Beef Nachos - August 2022 Amici Beef Nachos - August 2022 Amici Beef Nachos - 2020 Distribution of Toppings We went in during the Christmas holidays of 2020, and knowing what I did about the nachos that summer, I asked for extra cheese to save us from the possible disappointment that I had the first time. The distribution of toppings was much better this time and I think they should have this mu

MIX Resto Bar, Saint John, N.B.

The MIX Resto Bar is located in the Delta Brunswick, which is in the Brunswick Square Mall in Saint John, N.B. I am a member of a foodie group on Facebook and they highly praise these nachos. Many foodie members tend to say they are the best in Saint John. I think some of their main points is that there is cheese for every chip and you get a great serving size. I went in 2018 and since my review expired, I had to go again in 2020 to keep my review up to date. I will say the same thing  I said about Lily's : Let's not get carried away by saying they are the best in the city, especially based on our last visit on one of the last days of summer in 2020 and our recent visit in 2022.  The Mix Beef Nachos - August 2022   The MIX Resto Bar Chicken Nachos - 2020 The MIX Resto Bar Chicken Nachos - 2020 The MIX Resto Bar Veggie Nachos - 2018 Distribution of Toppings: Just like 2020, only the top layer had cheese on them. After two years (2022), the MIX has continued to have poor di

Britt's Saint John, N.B. Rockwood and Uptown

Britt's Pub has two locations in Saint John, New Brunswick: Rockwood Park and Uptown. Britt's Pub is an English-style pub whose name was inspired by  Miller Brittain . In the 1930's, his art studio was two floors up in the same building where the pub is now located. Britt's Rockwood   is located in front of the Rockwood Park golf course. It is an 18 hole golf course with a driving range to boot! We went in March 2021 and we had the BBQ chicken nachos as well as the regular beef nachos. We went again in August 2022 to update the blog! I'll divide each category into two sections as each plate had a completely different experience.  Britt's Full BBQ Chicken Nachos - August 2022 Britt's BBQ Chicken Nachos - March 2021 Britt's Beef Nachos - March 2021 Britt's Beef Nachos - March 2021 Britt's Beef Nachos Distribution of Toppings The BBQ chicken nachos did not have enough chips to go with the toppings. The beef nachos had good distribution as well but t