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Casa Jalisco Mexican Restaurant: Ellsworth, Maine

We continued our nacho research with a short trip from our cottage in Southwest Harbor to Ellsworth, Maine. Casa Jalisco is a new Mexican restaurant in Ellsworth that reminds me a lot of Las Palapas in Bangor, Maine. The building was formerly a Burger King which has been extensively renovated. I had the large jarrito (Mexican pop) just like at Las Palapas, but this time we said we were going to flip past the appetizer nachos deeper into the menu, where the really large plate of nachos with veggies can be found. We decided to go with the Nachos Supremos.

Casa Jalisco Nachos Supremos - September 2022

Casa Jalisco Nachos Supremos - September 2022

Distribution of Toppings

There were not enough chips to go with all the toppings. There were so many wet toppings and queso that a lot of the chips were soaked with liquid.


We ordered this plate of nachos because we did not want a plain plate like we experienced at Las Palapas. We definitely got a lot of veggies with a mixture of beef and chicken on each side of the plate of nachos.  Like Las Palapas, this plate had a lot of queso and the chips, meat, veggies, refried beans were all tasty. I think that the sour cream should have been on the side instead of right on the nachos - that could have been one of the reasons why the chips were soggy. However, the nachos did have some personality and I liked the big bottles of salsa that were brought out with them. 


The Nachos Supremos are $10.75 USD including meat. That would put them at $14.77 CAD (today's conversion, October 2022) which is below the average for veggie nachos in Saint John. Considering the distribution of toppings and the quality, this is probably what they are worth, so they are priced correctly.


This is sufficient to share as a meal. Especially since you get free chips and salsa as an appetizer before the main meal.


I think we should be looking at the prices on the menu because the quality matches the price with both Las Palapas and Casa Jalisco. I think that next time we should be getting the Fajita nachos for the best experience. Everything tasted decent but they should add more chips, put the sour cream on the side, put less wet toppings, and melt some shredded cheese blend on them instead of using only queso... and crank up the toast factor!

Nacho Blog Rating: B