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Magpie & Stump, Banff, AB

When I went to Western Canada for a week, Banff was one of our stops. We were there for 3-4 days, and we had to visit the Mexican restaurant, Magpie & Stump. This restaurant is located at 203 Caribou Street on one of the main streets of Banff, Alberta. Since it was Mexican, there were a lot of different options on the menu (tacos, flautas, fajitas, etc); however, we chose the nachos. Magpie & Stump Half Nachos-June 2017 Magpie & Stump half nachos- June 2017 Distribution of Toppings These veggie nachos were very cheesy as there was cheese on every chip and almost a tomato on each chip. Thus, they were effectively layered. It looks like we chose the "build your own nachos", and there was an additional cost with each topping. We decided to keep it simple one late spring night. Quality The chips were exactly the same chips that I had at the best places in Mexico when I went in the early 00's, and the cheese was melted just right. I will add that we

Los Chilitos, Calgary, AB

In 2017, I visited Western Canada for a week, and our last stop was Calgary, Alberta. Whenever I go on vacation, I research the top 10 nacho places in the city. In this case, I looked up Mexican restaurants in Calgary and BAM! I got Los Chilitos. Los Chilitos was established in 2009 and it is located on 17th avenue. Now, you will have to bear with me regarding the picture of the nachos because this is the only picture and it was taken with my old phone. This was before I had my photographer helping me! Los Chilitos Macho Nachos - June 2017 Distribution of Toppings The chips were loaded with sauces, veggies, and cheese! There was no possible way to have a chip with nothing on it. Quality The chips were exactly what you would get at a good restaurant in Mexico. The chips were crispy and fresh corn chips and they did not get soggy even though they were loaded with sour cream and guacamole. What surprised me was that there were no re-fried beans for the nachos at the Mexican

JJ's Diner, Sussex, N.B.

Located in the Fairway Inn in Sussex, New Brunswick, JJ's diner is a 50's and 60's style restaurant that has a little something for everyone, including nachos. JJ's Diner won the certificate of Excellence in 2017 and it is currently the #3 spot to eat in Sussex. How are the nachos? JJ's Diner Beef Nachos-Summer 2018 JJ's Diner Beef Nachos (side view)-Summer 2018 JJ's Diner Chicken Nachos- December 2020 JJ's Diner Chicken Nachos- December 2020 Distribution of Toppings At JJ's Diner, they really value their tomatoes. Therefore, if you really like tomatoes and veggies, they do not shy away from sprinkling them everywhere. I like that they had mushrooms on the nachos as you don't see that often on nachos. However, there were many chips left over with nothing on them when we visited in December of 2020 as you see in the photo above. "What do you do with the extra chips?" A person that was with me asked.  Quality The chips w

Ryan Duffy's, Saint John, N.B.

This is the part where I give a little bit of history about the restaurant/pub. Today, I am rating a place that is closed and the experience will always be something of the past in Saint John. However, I tried Ryan Duffy's nachos in 2016 and I want to add them to the blog. Ryan Duffy's was located in Market Square in the Uptown Core of Saint John, New Brunswick. It was preceded by Keystone Kelly's, Boiler Works, and maybe a couple of other places. That location is now the Social Bar Steakhouse . Hey! Maybe they have nachos! Ryan Duffy's BBQ Nachos- December 2016 Distribution of Toppings The distribution of toppings was perfect! There were not a lot of toppings left over after the chips were gone and I had something for every chip. Look at all that beef! Quality If you have read a few of my posts, you would know what I have to say about BBQ sauce on the nachos. I could not taste the toppings and chips because they were drowned with that BBQ sauce. I ask

Smitty's Family Restaurant & Lounge, Sussex, N.B.

Smitty's Family Restaurant & Lounge is located just off the main highway in Sussex, New Brunswick. I was craving a nice pasta and they had a good deal on for some Alfredo with broccoli pasta. The second time, I almost had the buffet. However, I went for the nachos both times and had to try and try again. Just like that Aaliyah song from 2000... Smitty's Beef Nachos - May 2017 Smitty's Chicken Nachos (bbq on the side) - July 2019 Smitty's Chicken Nachos (bbq on the side) - July 2019 Distribution of Toppings I think that the distribution of toppings was fair the first time I went in 2017. In 2019, we were left with a lot of chips with nothing on them as only the top layer had cheese. Quality I like how they had two different types of cheeses and that they used corn chips instead of pita or potato like some places use. They did not have anything out of the ordinary for dips, as it was just sour cream and salsa. The visit in 2019 had bbq sauce o

Sneaky Dee's, Toronto, ON

For 16 years, I was on the quest to find the best nachos. I knew that the ones from Mexico could not be topped, but I found something similar to what I found in Mexico. In May 2018, I went on vacation to Toronto, Ontario for a week. I wanted to try different foods, but I knew that if I chose to eat nachos, I would have to do my research and really make it count! Established in 1987, Sneaky Dee's is a Tex-Mex restaurant on College street in Downtown Toronto. It looks like they have a lot of entertainment in addition to the delicious food.  Now how were their nachos? Sneaky Dee's Nachos - May 2018 Distribution of Toppings The cheese, the chips, the toppings, the dips... there was an abundance of everything, and every chip had some love. Look at that picture! It's art! Here are some of the toppings: beans, tomatoes, onions, mixed peppers, jalapenos, and more. If I remember correctly, we ordered steak pieces. It seems like something I would do if I had the o

The Barrel's Head, Rothesay, N.B.

The Barrel's Head is located on Hampton Road in Rothesay, New Brunswick and was established in 2012. The Barrel's Head is a three part establishment that contains: Peddlers Creek , Hammond River Brewing Company, and The Barrel's Head. What about their nachos? The experience in November 2018 was a special night for nachos, and we got the one with the brisket. I went again in July 2019 for veggie nachos and I must update the rating. Barrel's Head Brisket Nachos- November 2018 Barrel's Head Nachos- July 2019 The Barrel's Head- July 2019 The Barrel's Head- July 2020 The Barrel's Head- July 2020 Distribution of Toppings There was something for every chip on the plate as you can see from the picture. Maybe someone read my previous rating and decided to put more cheese on the chips. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of cheese! There were no dips in July 2019 but this was ok because we had plenty of cheese and toppings. I missed the