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Ryan Duffy's, Saint John, N.B.

This is the part where I give a little bit of history about the restaurant/pub. Today, I am rating a place that is closed and the experience will always be something of the past in Saint John. However, I tried Ryan Duffy's nachos in 2016 and I want to add them to the blog. Ryan Duffy's was located in Market Square in the Uptown Core of Saint John, New Brunswick. It was preceded by Keystone Kelly's, Boiler Works, and maybe a couple of other places. That location is now the Social Bar Steakhouse. Hey! Maybe they have nachos!

Ryan Duffy's BBQ Nachos- December 2016

Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was perfect! There were not a lot of toppings left over after the chips were gone and I had something for every chip. Look at all that beef!


If you have read a few of my posts, you would know what I have to say about BBQ sauce on the nachos. I could not taste the toppings and chips because they were drowned with that BBQ sauce. I asked for the sauce to be taken off because I always look for that in the menu...and alas...there was sauce. You are probably asking "why did you not send them back and get nachos without the sauce?" 1) I thought I would give it a try and 2) I had a plan to go back and really emphasize to the waiter/waitress that I do not want sauce. You know what happened? It closed and I never got that opportunity! To conclude the quality portion, I think the nachos would have been pretty tasty without the drowning of the sauce.


I had this plate of nachos alone for a meal and it was satisfactory. I was full but it was not too much.


When something is wrong, say something! You never know when it will be your last chance to have nachos at that restaurant. I did a little searching, and I see there is a Ryan Duffy's in Halifax. If I am in Halifax, I am going for Your Father's Mustache nachos or something like that. However, maybe I just might need that closure. Thus, because of the sauce, it ruined the taste of the nachos but I have to give them credit for excellent distribution of toppings.

Nacho Blog Rating: C