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Social Bar Steakhouse, Saint John, N.B.

Social Bar Steakhouse is what replaced Ryan Duffy's in Saint John, New Brunswick; therefore, it is located in Market Square in the uptown core. It's getting to the point where I have tried all the nachos in Saint John, and this is one of my last places to try. Remember that missed opportunity with the Ryan Duffy's nachos in terms of having the chips without the sauce? Let's just say that the chef from the old Ryan Duffy's is the same chef at the Social Bar Steakhouse, so I think that I was able to have closure. My photographer was not with me for this adventure, so alas, I think I just got one good picture of the nachos.

Social Bar Steakhouse Beef Nachos- February 2019
Distribution of Toppings

The Social Bar Steakhouse nachos originally comes with barbecue sauce on them, as was the case with the nachos at Ryan Duffy's. I've mentioned it before, but the theory is that if the nachos naturally come with sauce, the chefs skimp on cheese. In this case, with the barbecue sauce on the side, there was only cheese on the top layer. However, there was a lot of beef left over after I was done and a lot of veggies on the nachos.


Something I failed to mention thus far is that although there was not a lot of cheese; there was a type of oil on the chips. The waitress was saying that it is spice from steak but I think it's too oily for it. It almost tasted sort of like olive oil. The only thing that suffers in the quality department was the lack of cheese. The chips were fresh, the veggies were tasty, there was a lot of beef, and I liked how they used tortilla chips.


The veggie nachos are the average price which is $15.00. If you want to add beef, they are $5 extra and there are charges for extra sour cream and salsa. I have not mentioned quantity yet but I think these nachos are economical based on quality and quantity.


I had a really late supper and I was stuffed after having Social Bar Steakhouse's nachos on my own. I went from really hungry to really full so I think it is a good portion.


The waitress was very attentive and very knowledgeable. She was not like the woman next door or super friendly, but that's okay. It was also not busy on a Thursday night in the dead of winter, so I don't know what it would be like over the weekend in terms of service. Therefore, I thought it was good, but it should be because there were no challenges based on busyness.


Well, there you have it! I got the Ryan Duffy's nachos that I never got a few years ago. I think that since it is a steakhouse, they should put steak pieces on their nachos and have an option for extra cheese. If they do that, they would be a contender for the best nachos in Saint John. They did have a type of oil on them to make up for the lack of cheese and if you really like barbecue sauce, it could be forgiven, but the cheese is like the icing on the cake. Without icing, do you have a cake? Do you deserve an A rating?

Nacho Blog Rating: B-