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Niche Lounge, Halifax N.S.

Niche Lounge is a sports bar on the corner of Salter and Barrington Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It reminds me of Saint John's Rocky's , but a little better. We went during the 2019 Memorial Cup and the place was packed full of people cheering for the Guelph team as they were taking on Rouyn on the big screen television that was next to us. I checked the menu as we were waiting to be seated and alas, there were nachos on the menu. It was then that I realized I only had one other Halifax place that was rated on the blog. Thus, it was a must-try. Niche Nachos Grandes with Beef- May 2019 Niche Nachos Grandes with Beef- May 2019 Distribution of Toppings There were only a few chips left over after finishing the plate of nachos; therefore, I think they did a good job giving us a large amount of toppings for every chip. Quality I thought they put toppings on the nachos that were unique and they were toppings that you do not see often such as banana peppers and bla