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Social Bar Steakhouse, Saint John, N.B.

Social Bar Steakhouse is what replaced Ryan Duffy's in Saint John, New Brunswick; therefore, it is located in Market Square in the uptown core. It's getting to the point where I have tried all the nachos in Saint John, and this is one of my last places to try. Remember that missed opportunity with the Ryan Duffy's nachos in terms of having the chips without the sauce? Let's just say that the chef from the old Ryan Duffy's is the same chef at the Social Bar Steakhouse, so I think that I was able to have closure. My photographer was not with me for this adventure, so alas, I think I just got one good picture of the nachos. Social Bar Steakhouse Beef Nachos- February 2019 Distribution of Toppings The Social Bar Steakhouse nachos originally comes with barbecue sauce on them, as was the case with the nachos at Ryan Duffy's. I've mentioned it before, but the theory is that if the nachos naturally come with sauce, the chefs skimp on cheese. In this case, wi

Moxie's Grill & Bar, Moncton, N.B.

Moxie's Grill & Bar has around 70 locations across Canada. There is one location in New Brunswick, and it is located in Moncton on Wyse Street. I had nachos at Moxie's a few years ago; however, the picture was too dark and the accuracy of the review is questioned if the experience was longer than 2 years ago. We went to this location after 3 hours of exercise, so you have to consider my loss of appetite and my exhaustion when I came to Moxie's for this review. Double Cheese Nachos for Two (beef)- February 2019 Double Cheese Nachos for Two (Beef)- February 2019 Distribution of Toppings I will say more in the value section of the blog, but I liked how the nachos automatically came with extra cheese. In addition, there was cheese left over after all the chips and the toppings were gone. Thus, there was a lot of cheese, veggies, and beef evenly distributed on the nachos. Quality I wrote to the chef at Moxie's and I also told the waiter at the time