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St Louis Bar & Grill: Quispamsis, N.B.

St Louis Bar & Grill is a chain restaurant that opened in October 2020 in Quispamsis, New Brunswick. If I were to give instructions maritimer-style, I would say it is located where the old Jungle Jim's used to be. When it first opened, there were no reservations and there was usually a wait to get a table. In 2022, they take reservations and you can usually get a table right away. We had the nachos many times since they opened, and St Louis continues to be one of our favorites in the KV region. 

St Louis Trash Can Nachos- September 2022

St Louis Trash Can Nachos - September 2022

St Louis Trash Can Nachos - September 2022

St Louis Chicken Wing Nachos - February 2022

St Louis Chicken Wing Nachos - October 2020

St Louis Chicken Wing Nachos - October 2020

St Louis Bar & Grill Steak Nachos - January 2021

St Louis Chicken Wing Nachos - April 2021

Distribution of Toppings

As you can see, there are no pictures of chips after all the toppings are all gone for all the experiences, so that is a good sign. In February 2022, there was something for every chip; however, they could have put more cheese on the nachos. This was a problem that we had in our original visit in October 2020. When we had the Trash Can Nachos (might be a summer promotion only), the distribution of toppings was very good. 


The chicken was very fresh and I like having fried chicken instead of that flavourless frozen/canned stuff that you see at many other places. The corn chips were nice and fresh and the two cheeses blended together as they should be. I also like how there was sauce sprinkled around the chips to add to the flavour. 

In terms of the steak nachos, everything was great except the steak. I might have been spoiled with the Snooty Fox and The Old Triangle steak nachos where the steak was the same quality as if you would order steak at a steakhouse. This steak at St Louis Bar & Grill seemed like it was taken out of a can and it was thrown in with the toppings to be cooked. It did not taste good and I had steak left over because I did not want to eat it. One thing I really enjoyed about the steak nachos was that the jalapenos were diced rather than rings. For those who do not like jalapenos, be sure to order the nachos with no jalapenos on them or else good luck picking them off! However, I think it added a good spice to them and would potentially be great for people that don't like the texture of jalapenos, or would prefer smaller bits of them at a time rather than the larger chunks to limit spice intake. 


The signature wings nachos are $17.99 and that includes everything. I really think it is a good value considering the distribution of toppings and the quality. The average price of veggie nachos in Saint John is $15 so it is around $2-3 extra for meat and dips included. The St Louis nachos are $16.49  + $4.99 for the steak and $1.49 extra for guacamole. If you order chicken, pork, or plant tenders it is $3.99 extra. Therefore, on both the Signature Wings Nachos and the St Louis Nachos, the dips other than the guac are included in the price. I think the price is fair considering the distribution of toppings and the quality. 


We have always shared the nachos when we visit and it is always sufficient for a meal.  


I think that if you are going to St Louis Bar & Grill, you should order the Signature Wings Nachos because the quality of the steak nachos does not compare to other amazing steak nachos that I have experienced in my travels. I think they should not have steak pieces that seem to be out of a can. Maybe pan fry or grill up some nice fresh steak. The Signature Wings Nachos have improved since our original visit in the overall quality and they are the perfect example of working out the rookie "kinks" of cooking everlasting nachos. The Trash Can Nachos were great and I hope they continue to offer them throughout the year. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-