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Muddy Rudder Bar & Grill: Alma, New Brunswick

When visiting Alma, New Brunswick, I think most people would expect to find some epic seafood rather than pub food like nachos. I was told in the past that Sapranos Pizza has nachos (and we still need to try that place); however, we were directed toward Muddy Rudder while at one of our favorite Alma hangouts - The Holy Whale Brewery! We noticed the Muddy Rudder Bar & Grill's menu hung up at the brewery, and we were excited to see nachos on their menu! After a life-changing hike down the Upper Salmon River Trail at Fundy National Park (just around the corner from Alma), we made a beeline for the beer and nachos as a reward for completing a challenging trail. The first thing I noticed on the menu was that the nachos were priced a bit less than average! In my previous experiences, this price might give you chips with queso on them or very low quality nachos, so I went in with low expectations. Below are the pictures of the nachos from our first trip to The Muddy Rudder and then ou

Churchill's, Saint John, N.B.

Churchill's pub is located on Grannan Street in Saint John's uptown district. Grannan's and Churchill's are part of the Grannan Group with Grannan's being located on Uptown Saint John's Boardwalk area. Whenever I tell people I try nachos around the city, they tell me "you have to rate Churchill's!!!" Many people seem to be of the opinion that Churchill's have the best nachos in Saint John. In previous visits, like the times in 2018, I was disappointed because of the poor distribution of toppings. I do like going back to places and being pleasantly surprised, and the visit in July 2021 was one of those times. I had to completely re-write my entry on Churchill's because it is a completely different nacho experience now.  Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021 Churchill's Corn Chip Nachos with Beef - July 2021 Churchill's beef potato nachos with sweet chili sour cream -  Oct 2018 Side view of the beef potato n

Isla Cocina: Grand Manan, New Brunswick

Isla Cocina is a Mexican food truck located on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick . It says that it is take-out only; however, there are a few picnic tables around the food truck where you can have nachos, tacos, flautas, and quesadillas, as well as burgers, poutine, and fries. You have to look for the motor home parked in a driveway near Seal Cove, and you will be happy to have stopped by.  Isla Cocina Corn, Guacamole, & Bean Nacho - June 2021 Isla Cocina Corn, Guacamole, & Bean Nacho - June 2021 What was left over from the Corn, Guacamole & Bean Nacho - June 2021 Isla Cocina BBQ Chicken Nachos - June 2021 (the photographer's order) Distribution of Toppings Isla Cocina had good cheese-chips-toppings ratio. In fact, there were so many toppings on the veggie nachos that they could have almost used more chips! Most importantly, I did not face the horror of having a chip with nothing to go on it. Quality The top layer was full of guacamole, bean and corn and had good toast