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Kennedy Inn & Shiretown Pub: St. Andrews, New Brunswick

The Kennedy Inn is located in the heart of downtown St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It features 25 rooms and a pub called Shiretown Pub that serves seafood, pasta, and pub food... including nachos! We stopped at the Shiretown Pub just before hiking the Van Horne Trail (just down the street), and we had a lot of good fuel going into that hike! When I was ordering my food, I was torn because I wanted a new nacho experience, but I also wanted to have some good seafood. I decided to share the nachos as an appetizer before having some seafood chowder. One of my favorite things about nacho blogging is finding a hidden gem in another town. This experience was definitely a nice surprise. Shiretown Nacho Grande with Beef - April 2022 Shiretown Nacho Grande with Beef - April 2022 Distribution of Toppings I would give it a 8/10 for the distribution of toppings. There were some chips at the bottom with no cheese on them but we had plenty of stray toppings to use, so there was something for every chip.