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Thandi Restaurant: Saint John, N.B.

At this point, there are very few restaurants in Saint John, New Brunswick that I have not visited for their nachos. I previously had the nachos at  Thandi Restaurant  in 2013 and did not get a picture at that time, and ended up not having their nachos again until 2021. I mentioned Thandi on my interview with Julia Wright on CBC Information Morning Saint John  as one of the places that you may be surprised has nachos. The reason I said that is Thandi is known (in my opinion) for its Asian food and it is hard to go there without having one of their delicious curries, such as butter chicken or vindaloo. However, we decided that we finally needed to dedicate a visit to Thandi for nacho research. It would also make sense to go since I mentioned them in the CBC interview (May 2021) but they were not yet posted on the blog! What if they should have been in the top ten all along? As a former soccer coach said "you should never finish a game and say 'what if'." I am happy to