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Tipsy Tomato Pizzeria & Pub: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Tipsy Tomato is located in Millidgeville which is in the north end of Saint John, New Brunswick.  Millidgeville's first neighborhood pub seems to fill a need in the area, which had only the basic fast food options - Wendy's, Subway, etc. for the longest time. I visited the Tipsy Tomato in 2020 and was not satisfied with my experience. However, I went again in April 2023 and had a much better experience. 

Tipsy Tomato "Nachos Grande" with Beef - April 2023

Tipsy Tomato "Nachos Grande" with Beef - April 2023

Tipsy Tomato Beef Nachos - 2020

Tipsy Tomato Beef Nachos - 2020

Distribution of Toppings

You know what I love? I will tell you a secret: I love when I go back to a place and I come to find out that they improved everything I suggested in the blog after having an earlier bad experience. The pictures almost say it all. I bet you didn't think that those pictures were from the same place, but that is the difference three years can make. That is why we always give places more than one chance. There was something for every chip in our April 2023 plate of nachos at the Tipsy Tomato. 


You will notice from the pictures that proper, traditional style triangular corn tortilla chips have replaced the round chips I was served in my first experience. There were loads of delicious veggies, including some spicy jalapeños. The perfect blend of cheese made these nachos hit the spot. Every bite had a "wow" factor. 


The "Nachos Grande" are $16.75. If you add beef of chicken it is $4.50 extra. If you add salsa it is $1.75 extra. If you add sour cream it is $2.50 extra. Fair enough, I appreciate the opportunity to choose what dips I would like. Sour cream is better than salsa on any plate of nachos but that's just my personal preference. The value is amazing - period; no further big analysis needed.


Before we saw these nachos, we thought about having mozza sticks with them. After we got a look at the size of them, we were glad we just had the nachos to share as a meal.


The server was very friendly and helpful. She had me sold on their Thursday night karaoke. I'm either going there or Jungle Jim's some Thursday night soon. I'm torn. 


Old Conclusion: "I just reviewed the Pub Down Under and a lot of my arguments that I made regarding the distribution of toppings apply to The Tipsy Tomato. There are some pros and cons of each but I think they deserve the same rating. To conclude: they need restaurant style tortilla chips, more veggies, and to effectively layer their nachos, potentially add some kind of spice to them. Great service though."- 2020

New Conclusion: I am keeping my former conclusion above as an example. Let's keep a history of this to prove my point that sometimes a place can turn their nachos around and blow me out of the water on the next visit. This is one of those times. Thank you Tipsy Tomato for a lovely experience. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A