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Tipsy Tomato Pizzeria & Pub: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Tipsy Tomato is located in Millidgeville which is in the north end of Saint John, New Brunswick. I think it is really nice that Millidgeville has a pub now as they just had Wendy's, Subway, etc. for the longest time. I really heard a lot of great things about The Tipsy Tomato from the foodie group that I follow on Facebook and, of course, curiosity killed the cat. I really wanted to try every nacho in Saint John and The Tipsy Tomato was on my radar for quite a few months now.

Distribution of Toppings

Sometimes, if I am really let down, I post the picture of the lack of distribution of toppings and this was one of those times. Half of my chips were left after I had the top layer. I do not know what else to say except to look at the picture.


Let's start with the fact that they had round chips instead of the traditional restaurant style tortilla chips. I think round chips are just harder to deal with when having nachos because the toppings more easily fall off. I think with the round chips, you have a higher chance of failing in the distribution of toppings because with restaurant style chips, there are ridges where the cheese hugs the curves. It seems to make sense at 7am on a Saturday as I write this review. I did like the top layer and how they mixed two cheeses together. 


The Tipsy Tomato nachos are $15.95 and that includes the meat to go with your chips. They were definitely not shy with the distribution of meat either. I think they are economical because $15 is the average price of veggie nachos in the city.


It was good to have on your own for a meal, but if you're sharing, I would get something else to go with them. 


It's hard not giving the greatest review when the waiter was so efficient and sweet. I guess it's all part of my evening and weekends job that I do for free I guess. Really nice people work at The Tipsy Tomato.


I just reviewed the Pub Down Under and a lot of my arguments that I made regarding the distribution of toppings apply to The Tipsy Tomato. There are some pros and cons of each but I think they deserve the same rating. To conclude: they need restaurant style tortilla chips, more veggies, and to effectively layer their nachos, potentially add some kind of spice to them. Great service though.

Nacho Blog Rating: C-