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The Galley Restaurant (Marco Polo Land): Cavendish, PE

Marco Polo Land is a campground that is located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. In my opinion, it is a top of the line campground that has many activities for adults and children, and one of the activities we attended was karaoke. It was our last night in Cavendish; therefore, we decided to not only sing all our favorite songs at karaoke, but to also have the nachos at The Galley Restaurant in between our songs and while listening to others sing. The Galley Nachos- August 2019 The Galley Nachos- August 2019 Distribution of Toppings I do not know if extra cheese was ordered this time, but there was enough toppings for every chip. I really appreciated that there was a good amount of cheese, because I remember coming to the restaurant in Marco Polo Land 8 years ago, and I remember not liking the nachos. I think they have come a long way in regards to the distribution of toppings. Quality They have also come a long way in regards to the quality of the nachos. I liked

Carr's Oyster Bar: Stanley Bridge, PE

Carr's Oyster Bar is located in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island (just outside of Cavendish). We decided we had time before the thunder and lightning and decided to roll the dice and bike from Cavendish to Stanley Bridge, PE. Carr's Oyster Bar has amazing prices on oysters that come in different sizes and they are delicious to boot! However, after having oysters, we decided to try their nachos because we needed the extra fuel for the bike ride back to Cavendish. Ok, so maybe it was a want more than a need. But alas, let's not get philosophical. Carr's Oyster Bar Loaded Chicken Nachos- August 2019 Carr's Oyster Bar Loaded Chicken Nachos- August 2019 Distribution of Toppings Before I go any further, I would like to say that as of August 2019, we have started to ask the restaurant to make the nachos a way that suits what we like. For example, we asked Carr's Oyster Bar to give us extra cheese on these nachos, but it was not an option on the menu.