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The Galley Restaurant (Marco Polo Land): Cavendish, PE

Marco Polo Land is a campground that is located in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. In my opinion, it is a top of the line campground that has many activities for adults and children, and one of the activities we attended was karaoke. It was our last night in Cavendish; therefore, we decided to not only sing all our favorite songs at karaoke, but to also have the nachos at The Galley Restaurant in between our songs and while listening to others sing.

The Galley Nachos- August 2019

The Galley Nachos- August 2019

Distribution of Toppings

I do not know if extra cheese was ordered this time, but there was enough toppings for every chip. I really appreciated that there was a good amount of cheese, because I remember coming to the restaurant in Marco Polo Land 8 years ago, and I remember not liking the nachos. I think they have come a long way in regards to the distribution of toppings.


They have also come a long way in regards to the quality of the nachos. I liked how there was enough dip for the chips, how the chips were nice and fresh, and how there were plenty of vegetables to go along with them.


The nachos came to $15 which is the average price for veggie nachos in Saint John. I cannot remember if there was beef on the nachos but it looks like there was beef. I checked the menu and there was not an option for beef. Thus, it is kind of a mystery on that part of it. I would just ask for beef and figure what is the worse that could happen? Will they just say no? Or will there be signs on the walls that say "ask for beef on your nachos at your own risk?" I think the value is very fair considering the quality and distribution of toppings.


I shared these nachos and they were just to munch on during karaoke. I would not recommend having them as a meal even if you have them on your own. They are just meant to be a fun-filled plate of nachos for snacking!


The waitress genuinely looked like she was having fun at her job. It was really nice to see the waitress dancing and just having a good time.


I would give these nachos a "Most Improved Player" award for Prince Edward Island, as I had them in 2011 and was very disappointed, and in 2019 I am glad I tried them. Would I have them again? I think if I had to choose, I would go for their onion rings instead because I think the onion rings were better. Do not get me wrong... the nachos were good, but the onion rings were excellent! Finally, the whole customer experience was above and beyond my expectations.

Nacho Blog Rating: B