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Five Bridges Bar & Grill: Riverview, New Brunswick

The best thing about having this blog is traveling out of town, trying somewhere new, and then telling people about it. I really love promoting hidden gems and hopefully giving them some more business through the promotion of the blog. When I tell people about the blog, the first question they ask is "where are the best nachos in: New Brunswick, Saint John, Moncton, Canada, Earth, Mars", etc. In the case of Five Bridges, it was a recommendation by some friends who had gone there for amazing nachos in the past. I absolutely love getting recommendations and exploring them, so if you love a place that is not in this blog yet, let me know!  Five Bridges Bar & Grill is located in Riverview, New Brunswick - just down the street from the Holy Whale Beer Hall and a really nice trail where you can see the famous tidal boar! Five Bridges gives you a welcoming feeling like you'd expect from a pub, and was bustling with lots of diners when we visited. Five Bridges Classic Beef Na