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Five Bridges Bar & Grill: Riverview, New Brunswick

The best thing about having this blog is traveling out of town, trying somewhere new, and then telling people about it. I really love promoting hidden gems and hopefully giving them some more business through the promotion of the blog. When I tell people about the blog, the first question they ask is "where are the best nachos in: New Brunswick, Saint John, Moncton, Canada, Earth, Mars", etc.

In the case of Five Bridges, it was a recommendation by some friends who had gone there for amazing nachos in the past. I absolutely love getting recommendations and exploring them, so if you love a place that is not in this blog yet, let me know! 

Five Bridges Bar & Grill is located in Riverview, New Brunswick - just down the street from the Holy Whale Beer Hall and a really nice trail where you can see the famous tidal boar! Five Bridges gives you a welcoming feeling like you'd expect from a pub, and was bustling with lots of diners when we visited.

Five Bridges Classic Beef Nachos - February 2022

Five Bridges Classic Beef Nachos - February 2022

Five Bridges Classic Chicken Nachos - February 2022

Distribution of Toppings

The beef could have been distributed a little better, but otherwise the nachos were well layered.


We ordered the beef nachos and our friends ordered the chicken nachos. It looks like the chicken nachos had more cheese on them than the beef. I think there should have been a little more cheese on our beef nachos. That being said, the cheese had great toast factor. However, nothing popped out and surprised me regarding the quality while eating this plate of nachos. The nachos did not have any spice on them and the beef was fairly standard. Our friends said that the chicken was kind of dry as well. 


The Classic Nachos are $15.99 and they come with a side of sour cream and salsa. If you add guacamole it is $1.99 extra and if you add grilled chicken or spicy beef it is $5.99 extra. You can also get the pulled pork nachos which are $18.99 with a sour cream and salsa, $1.99 to add guacamole and $5.99 to add chicken or spicy beef. I think the value is fair considering it is the average price of nachos and we got an average size/quality plate of them. 


This was sufficient to share as a meal between two people.


We went to Five Bridges in mid-February 2022, and I am just publishing the review now mid-March 2022. I think it took me so long to write about them because nothing really stood out when I was having them and I was not sure what to write. However, I did appreciate the toast factor, the quantity, the value, the mixture of cheese and that they had the traditional corn tortilla chips. Our friends told us that they used to have the Five Bridges nachos which were so big that 5 people would have a hard time finishing them. I was dared to ask for the old size, but then I forgot to ask! Maybe they should put those back on the menu as an option!

Nacho Blog Rating: A-