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Poley Mountain: Sussex, New Brunswick

Poley Mountain is located in Sussex, New Brunswick. It is traditionally known for its skiing, but in the past few years in the summer, there has been a chance for the adventurous mountain biker to ride a chairlift up the mountain and bike back down. In addition, you can purchase a $10 lift ticket to hike down the mountain unlimited times throughout the day with a chance to see a nice waterfall. I decided to hike down, but I did not take the trail with the waterfall. I winged it! Which is sometimes the best thing to do when you are hiking down a hill... After the others did some mountain biking and I had hiked down the hill, we decided to have some nachos - because researching for the blog is very important!  Poley Mountain Nachos - September 2021 Poley Mountain Nachos - September 2021 Distribution of Toppings I do not seem to have a picture with some leftover chips so that must be a good sign. There was something for every chip. Quality I really appreciated that there was a good toast

Pub Down Under: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Pub Down Under is located in Place 400 in the north end of Saint John, New Brunswick. It has live music, good beer, and cheap food. Does cheap necessarily mean good? A new location opened uptown and many people on Saint John Foodie  love the Pub Down under (both locations). I think it is a great place to have steak and eggs, or to have a beer while watching some live music. Their nachos on the other hand... we've had worse, but read on for the details: Pub Down Under: Uptown Pub Down Under Beef Nachos - September 2021 Pub Down Under Beef Nachos - September 2021 Pub Down Under What was Left Over - September 2021 Distribution of Toppings Unfortunately, we ran into one of the classic nacho problems: The top layer came off and we were left with many empty chips (see above). Oh dear! Quality The top layer did not have a good toast factor and there was no spice anywhere on the nachos. I thought maybe they could have done something with the beef (taco seasoning?), but everything was s

Evandale Resort: Evandale, N.B.

  The Evandale Resort is located in Evandale, New Brunswick which is about a 30 min drive from Grand Bay, Westfield New Brunswick. In some cases, you can take three ferries to get to Evandale, and in our case, that is what we did coming from Quispamsis. At this point, we have tried most of the nachos in the Saint John area, so it is getting to be a challenge to try somewhere new! I had not heard anything about the nachos at the Evandale resort, so I went in without any big expectations. Evandale Resort Beef Nachos - August 2021 Evandale Resort Beef Nachos - August 2021 Evandale Resort Beef Nachos - August 2021 Distribution of Toppings I tried to capture the layering with the third picture above, but not only was there something for every chip, but there were many layers of something for every chip. I want to add that we did not ask for extra cheese and these are the Evandale Resort nachos au naturel (kind of - see below).  Quality The chips that were provided on this crisp August day

Reed's Point Pub & Grill: Kingston, New Brunswick

Reed's Point Pub & Grill is located across the road from the Kennebecasis River by the ferry at Reed's Point on the Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick. It is the only pub on the Kennebecasis River that has a nice patio with a beautiful view of the water. I went in with low expectations because I really thought that perhaps burgers were their specialty - or at least anything but nachos. I was right when I visited in 2019, and I was right when I went again in 2021. They have a long list of burgers on their menu that I think we should try instead of getting nachos. In all fairness, they did improve in the last couple of years! Reed's Point Pub & Grill BBQ Chicken Nachos - August 2021 Reed's Point Pub & Grill BBQ Chicken Nachos - August 2021 Distribution of Toppings Like last time, there was something on every chip when it came to the distribution of toppings. It was a small plate and there was not much room for error, however.  Quality I know I do not have a lot