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Evandale Resort: Evandale, N.B.

 The Evandale Resort is located in Evandale, New Brunswick which is about a 30 min drive from Grand Bay, Westfield New Brunswick. In some cases, you can take three ferries to get to Evandale, and in our case, that is what we did coming from Quispamsis. At this point, we have tried most of the nachos in the Saint John area, so it is getting to be a challenge to try somewhere new! I had not heard anything about the nachos at the Evandale resort, so I went in without any big expectations.

Evandale Resort Beef Nachos - August 2021

Evandale Resort Beef Nachos - August 2021

Evandale Resort Beef Nachos - August 2021

Distribution of Toppings

I tried to capture the layering with the third picture above, but not only was there something for every chip, but there were many layers of something for every chip. I want to add that we did not ask for extra cheese and these are the Evandale Resort nachos au naturel (kind of - see below). 


The chips that were provided on this crisp August day were not the normal chips because they ran out of the normal corn tortilla chips. At first, we were told that there were no nachos available due to lack of chips. At this point, our "wingman" spilled the beans that we were the nacho bloggers. After hearing this, our server consulted with the cook, and they were able to make us a plate using chips made from hand cut tortillas! They were fresh, crunchy, and had a nice cajun spice on them. You know how I feel about spice (see Snooty Fox). The ground beef was really good, but it's still not as good as the chopped steak I have seen in the past at places like Snooty Fox and at the Old Triangle (though we've heard they don't use the steak pieces anymore). There was plenty of mixed cheeses and veggies and combined altogether you have this wonderfully surprisingly awesome nacho. 


The Cheesy Nachos are $17.99 and if you add chicken or beef they are $5.99 extra. This value blows it out of the park. They just hit a homerun Babe Ruth style.


Fantastic! We really appreciated how they went above and beyond to use what they had to make chips for this plate of nachos.


It is a good quantity if you are sharing for a meal.


Please remember the detail where I said they did not give us the chips they usually give. What are the normal chips? We were told they normally use Doritos Zesty chips, and that sounds absolutely amazing, so we need to go back soon. We did suggest that the hand cut flour tortilla chips should be put on the menu in the future. This experience has me re-evaluating the top three in New Brunswick. I value the layering above anything, along with the effort from the cooks, and a great add-on (always) is the spice on the chips, so I will put them in the runner-up position for New Brunswick (which was previously Le Moque-Tortue). They are no Snooty Fox or Sneaky Dee's but they are simply fantastic. 

As an aside, I am re-thinking my rating scale as I know I have some places above others (i.e., the hometown top ten) with the same letter grade. I try to provide as much analysis as possible but, that is something I am considering. Look for more detailed final rating scores in the future.

Nacho Blog Rating: A