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The Snooty Fox, Fredericton, N.B.

The Snooty Fox is located on Regent Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick. It is in Fredericton's South Side, just around the corner from the universities and colleges. You can enjoy the classy pub downstairs, or when it is nice out, there is a patio upstairs. I remember my first bite of these nachos back in the fall of 2003. My friends watched as I took the first bite, and that moment changed my life. 

Let's just say that 60.43% of the time, I drive 1.5 hours just for these nachos and then drive home. Sometimes there is a race in Fredericton and I reward myself with the nachos afterwards. 

Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos with Steak Pieces - February 2024

Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos with steak pieces - October 2023

Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos (steak pieces + extra cheese) - July 2023

The Snooty Fox Beef Windsor Nachos - February 2023

The Snooty Fox Beef Windsor Nachos

The Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos (beef)

The Snooty Fox Windsor Nachos (beef)

Snooty Fox Beef Nachos - February 2021

Snooty Fox Beef Nachos - February 2021

Snooty Fox Windsor Beef Nachos - April 2021

The Snooty Fox Birria Nachos - February 2022

The Snooty Fox Birria Nachos (what was left over) - February 2022

Snooty Fox Beef Nachos (ground beef instead of steak pieces) - April 2022

Distribution of Toppings

Since 2003, The Snooty Fox has been consistent with having enough cheese and toppings for 90% of the chips. Keep in mind that you receive an extra large plate of nachos and there is a lot of chips to cover. There is no need to order extra cheese for these nachos. If you order extra cheese, as I have done a couple of times, they give you so much that it starts to throw off the ideal chip: cheese ratio. Take my word that the cheese amount is perfection without asking for extra cheese. If there happens to be a chip with nothing on it, there should be plenty of toppings to scoop up with it, and it might even having a dusting of Cajun spice. You can see in the "what was left over" picture from February 2022 that the nachos were perfectly layered. Normally it's bad news when I have those pictures, but that was a pic of some good news.


They are so tasty that I have been a customer for 20 years- and I do not live in Fredericton. Whenever we go to Fredericton, it is very rare we go to another restaurant and when we do, we sometimes end up stopping at The Snooty Fox later anyways. The steak pieces are tender, there is plenty of good melted cheese, the tomatoes are fresh, and you get two medium sized dips. The seasoning hits the spot as well! (keep in mind that they do not always put Cajun spice on the nachos - you may want to ask for it). 

In 20 years, I may have had chicken on my nachos once or twice. I have had about 30 plates of their nachos with the steak pieces. There was a time where The Snooty Fox limited their beef options to birria or ground beef (2022), but the steak pieces are once again available. However, if you want those steak pieces, you have to ask for them because they are not listed on the menu. The secret is out! I think they would sell more plates of nachos by marketing the steak pieces because when we had them in 2023, they were perfection. I don't know of any other place in New Brunswick that has steak pieces like that on their nachos.


The Windsor Nachos are $17.99 including a salsa and a sour cream. If you add chicken, beef, or pulled pork it is $4.99 extra. If you add steak pieces, it is $8.99 extra. If you add feta cheese, it is $1.99 extra. If you add peppers, pickles, or BBQ sauce, it is $.99 extra. Please note that they do not offer guacamole anymore and that is unfortunate. They used to have a special where the nachos were half-off but I am not sure if they have it anymore. Regardless, the price is an average price for exceptional nachos. This value is amazing as well considering the variety of toppings.


I have only finished these nachos twice in 20 years by myself. If you want to do further math, I visit The Snooty Fox 3-5 times a year. When I did finish them, I was VERY full. I recommend sharing these nachos with 1-2 other people.


There are people who tell me that they do not go anywhere else for nachos because they know they will be disappointed. I have been on a quest for the best nachos in New Brunswick since 2002, and The Snooty Fox has been rated #1 in the province for most of that time. I will continue to eat nachos at more new places and will continue the quest, but I will never forget the magic of the Excellence.

Nacho Blog Rating: A+