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Las Palapas Mexican Restaurant

Las Palapas has two locations in Maine: Bangor and Brewer. "Palapa" is a Spanish word that means  "an open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves".   Everything is made fresh daily including their salsas, chips, and house-made sauces. We went to the Bangor location in September 2022, and then to the Brewer location one year later in September 2023. It's almost becoming an annual tradition to go to the USA and have some awesome nachos at this Mexican restaurant. I have this entry divided in the two different locations with the most recent visit first.  Brewer Location: We stopped at the Brewer Location as we were travelling through Maine to visit Quebec. On this trip, I had giant cans of pop, chocolate bars that we do not have in Canada, and of course we had to stop for some nachos. I like going to as many locations as possible to be able to compare them, and of course to have more content on the blog. We made sure to order the nachos with

Hunter's Ale House, Charlottetown, PE

On July 27, 2005 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Hunter's Ale House opened its doors, and for years, has been showing tourists and islanders a good time. Hunter's ensures that you leave fully entertained by their live music and satisfied with their delicious food. One of their specialties is their nachos, with 6 different plates of nachos to choose from: 1. Classic Nachos 2. Bacon Cheeseburger 3. Mexican Style 4. Pulled Pork 5. BBQ Chicken 6. Chicken Curry We went again in 2023 and there was no question as to whether or not we were going to have some nachos. Hunter's Ale House Classic Nachos Party for One: December 2023 Hunter's Size Mexican Nachos - December 2022 Hunter's Ale House Mexican Plate Hunter's Size- December 2019 Hunter's Size Mexican Nachos-December 2018 Hunter's Size Mexican Nachos-December 2018 Distribution of Toppings In the past, the chip to cheese ratio was a problem at Hunter's Ale House. In December 2022, ther

Resto-Pub Q-de-Sac: Quebec City, QC

We came across Resto-Pub Q-de-Sac on a very warm September day when it was about to rain. I asked in French "could we have a table inside please" and the server answered in English "right this way." I laughed after being "Englished" yet again, and took a seat inside. I think this was more of a pizza place than a nacho place but the nachos were still good. How did they make out? Resto-Pub Q-de-Sac Nachos - September 2023 Distribution of Toppings Although there is no picture of bare chips left over, the distribution of toppings was not the best. There were many chips left over. Quality The nachos were topped with parsley, many red onions and basically had a salad on them. They were cooked in a wood-fired oven and round chips were used instead of the traditional triangular chips. The cheese was not a tex-mex style blend, and overall the nachos were not very spicy. The pile of salad on top of these nachos imparted a lot of water, which sadly resulted in soggy