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Las Palapas Mexican Restaurant: Bangor, Maine

Well the day has arrived! This entry marks entry 100 on the blog. It's kind of surreal when you think about it. I have had nachos in at least 100 different places - and the blog does not even include all the places I've been to in my life because in the past I didn't always take a picture of the nachos. It makes me ponder how many plates of nachos I've had since my first plate in 2002 at Keystone Kelly's. Las Palapas was recommended to us by friends who said we absolutely had to visit this restaurant on our way to our final destination of the trip which was Bar Harbor, Maine. It was exciting because I hadn't been to the United States in 12 years, and our first stop to eat was a Mexican restaurant in Bangor, Maine.

Las Palapas has two locations: Bangor and Brewer, Maine. "Palapa" is a Spanish word that means "an open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves".  Everything is made fresh daily including their salsas, chips, and house-made sauces. I ordered a jarrito (Mexican pop) and it was double the size of a jarrito you would get at KV Mexi's. You must know where I'm going with this. We had to order the nachos at the Mexican restaurant. How did they do?

Las Palapas Steak Nachos - September 2022

Distribution of Toppings

Las Palapas steak nachos had something for every chip but it was easy to do since they used queso for the cheese and that can easily spread everywhere. The steak was on about 3/4 of the chips.


The chips were very tasty and what you would get if you ordered nachos in Mexico. I love those nice thick and crispy chips! The steak was pretty good as was the cheese, but overall these were pretty plain nachos. We came to find out that these are the appetizer nachos and if you want to order nachos with veggies you need to flip to the other side of the menu and order the Nacho Supremos or the Fajita nachos. 


The steak nachos are $12.50 USD. In the appetizer section you can order cheese nachos for $6.99, bean nachos for $8.25, chicken nachos for $8.50, beef nachos for $8.50, and grilled chicken for $11.50 (all in USD). Today, the price of our steak nachos would convert to $17 CAD which is still a pretty good price considering they are fairly loaded with steak.


Anyone we saw at Las Palapas ordering big meals left their tables with loads of food still left on their plates. I think this was more than enough to share for lunch.


This was the best service of 2022.


We ordered the very basic appetizer nachos at Las Palapas and they were pretty good. However, I would put some shredded blended cheeses on them because just having the queso was too basic for the price we paid. I cannot wait to return to have the more complex plates of nachos to see how they compare.

Nacho Blog Rating: A-