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Hooters: Montreal, Quebec

Ever have one of those times in your life where you think it would be hilarious to do it, and then you just do it? My whole life I had thought to myself "haha Hooters", and then I realized that it would be funny to go there to review their nachos. So I went. Almost got the Hooters shirt but decided not to. Their website can be viewed here

How do I describe Hooters? It reminds me of Rocky's but the waitresses are wearing a little less and there's a sign hung up on the wall saying "please do not touch the livestock." Aside from the water dripping on me from the air conditioner (we took the last available table), I had a good nacho experience. 

Hooters Nachos Tex Mex - September 2023

Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was perfect. There was lots of steak and delicious spicy queso covering the chips.


The chips were fresh and crunchy, the queso was sprinkled everywhere, there were some good veggies and dips on the chips. I've mentioned before that I do not like the dips to come right on the chips because you risk having all adjacent chips getting soggy. The steak was not like the tender, flavorful steak pieces at the Snooty Fox but I liked how they gave me a generous portion, and it did taste okay.


This was enough to share for a meal but I had these nachos all to myself. I never got hungry on our Quebec trip because I was so full of pub food the whole time.


The nachos came to $18.99 and that included all that steak. What a great value! 


If I would have continued to say "haha Hooters" for the rest of my life, I would not have been able to experience these awesome steak nachos. Life is too short to avoid trying strange new things at least once, and this was a very unique experience. The only thing I would change on these nachos is the quality of the steak. The distribution, overall quality, and value were all nailed at Hooters, Montreal. 

Nacho Blog Rating: A-