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Rocky's Sports Bar, Saint John, N.B.

Rocky's Sports Bar was founded by Saverio Rocca in 1995 and it is located in uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. Rocky's has many flat screen televisions where you can watch some local and international sports. Rocky's is also where you can go if you do not want to go outside right away after watching our local hockey team, The Saint John Seadogs at TD Station. 

Rocky's BBQ Chicken Nachos - November 2022

Rocky's Philly Cheese Nachos - October 2022

Rocky's Nachos with Meat Sauce - January 2019

Rocky's Nachos with Meat Sauce - January 2019
Distribution of Toppings

While there were veggies on every chip, the cheese disappeared very quickly. There were two different types of cheese and once we ate the first layer, BAM... it was gone and we were left with chips and veggies. We think that when a special sauce is offered for nachos, the restaurants decide to go easy on the cheese, and that is a mistake. I am thinking that there should at least be an option for extra cheese at Rocky's. The distribution was also poor when we ordered the Philly Cheese nachos. The BBQ Chicken nachos had ok distribution but there was a lot of sauce on the chips to avoid the problem of plain chips. 


The chips were very tasty and fresh, there was a variety of fresh veggies, and I liked the cheese that I did have. What was interesting was that the meat sauce had a little kick to it and was good to have for the chips that just had veggies on them. Therefore, I was very surprised to have tasty meat sauce to go with the nachos. I like how they had the sauce on the side, but this was what I asked for. If they put that much sauce on the chips, I'm afraid they would have ended up being ruined, and you would be reading a different review.

When it came to the Philly Cheese nachos, the beef was very bland and lacked seasoning. In addition, we had to break the meat apart because the slices were too huge to go on one chip. 

The BBQ Chicken nachos were not cooked all the way through. They needed to be cooked for at least 5 more minutes. 


We went on a Saturday where they had half priced nachos at $9.50. The regular price for these nachos is $19, which is high considering there is no meat on them. I know.. I know, there is meat sauce but it is not the same as having some good beef on the nachos. In addition, it is more of an art to have good meat distributed on the chips than to have just a sauce on the side. Finally, I must say that having a special like this helps their case with the value.

The Philly Cheese nachos are $20 and the price is too high considering the quality and the distribution of toppings. I do not have the regular price of the BBQ Chicken Nachos but it was not a good value considering the quality. 


We were sharing and this was for a meal. This was a pretty small plate of nachos but they tided us over until supper. I could have used more chips and more cheese, especially if I was going to be going a day other than Saturday for that price.

When we had the Philly Cheese nachos, they were sufficient to share for a meal as were the BBQ Chicken Nachos. 


I have not yet given Rocky's a good review when it comes to their nachos. However, they have A+ service. 


Imagine going to McDonald's, ordering a burger, and not getting fries with your burger (and you ordered fries with your burger). When I think of nachos with very little cheese that is also not distributed, this is what I think of. Sure you can have a burger without fries or nachos without a lot of cheese, but does it really leave you with a wow feeling afterwards? The cheese is probably the most important part when you think of nachos and is also the hardest part to master, and Rocky's has some work to do. Rocky's remains consistent as we had the same experience in 2022 as we did in 2019. Sometimes being consistent is not always good and they need to improve. 

Nacho Blog Rating: C+