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Grand Manan Adventure Ferry: Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick

The Grand Manan Adventure Ferry travels from Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan Island and back a few times a day. Grand Manan is a beautiful island worth exploring for the great landscapes, nice people, delicious clams and now Mexican food. Stay tuned for my Isla Cocina review. I think you can guess by now that I had the nachos on the ferry to Grand Manan and I would review them on this blog.  Grand Manan Adventure Ferry Beef Nachos - June 2021 Distribution of Toppings The Grand Manan Adventure Ferry nailed it with the distribution of toppings; there was cheese for every chip. In this case, the distribution is not as impressive as with other, larger nachos because there were not as many chips - therefore the proper distribution is easier to achieve. I had this same argument about the nachos at Peddlers Creek   regarding their distribution of toppings. Quality I see cheddar cheese in the picture with a hint of mozzarella poking out in there. The flavor was mostly round chips with cheddar