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Grand Manan Adventure Ferry: Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick

The Grand Manan Adventure Ferry travels from Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan Island and back a few times a day. Grand Manan is a beautiful island worth exploring for the great landscapes, nice people, delicious clams and now Mexican food. Stay tuned for my Isla Cocina review. I think you can guess by now that I had the nachos on the ferry to Grand Manan and I would review them on this blog. 

Grand Manan Adventure Ferry Beef Nachos - June 2021

Distribution of Toppings

The Grand Manan Adventure Ferry nailed it with the distribution of toppings; there was cheese for every chip. In this case, the distribution is not as impressive as with other, larger nachos because there were not as many chips - therefore the proper distribution is easier to achieve. I had this same argument about the nachos at Peddlers Creek  regarding their distribution of toppings.


I see cheddar cheese in the picture with a hint of mozzarella poking out in there. The flavor was mostly round chips with cheddar cheese, along with ground beef like you would expect on a pizza. When we see round chips, that gives us the impression that they took chips out of the bag (not homemade). In this case they smothered it with cheese, which is never a bad thing! I did like that they had a lot of cheese and that it was fully melted. This has been a problem at other, potentially more highly-regarded places such as Lily's Café.


These nachos are good for one person only as something to tide you over, maybe as a snack before you have some seafood when you get to Grand Manan.


Perhaps when you first looked at the picture you would expect me to roast these nachos. Sometimes, it all comes down to the expectation, context, or preconceptions about the place. I have gone to some places that are highly promoted, and word of mouth is very positive on them, then I come to find out that they serve me nachos that are not cooked and/or just have one layer of toppings on top. Then there is the Grand Manan Adventure Ferry, where I was expecting round chips maybe with just queso, or having them really fail at quality, distribution, or any of the other factors that make a great nacho. I am going to give the Grand Manan Adventure Ferry a passable rating only (for just having a nacho with round chips and just cheese); however, I am really commending them for getting it right where some bigger name places have yet to master, and that is the toast factor.

Nacho Blog Rating: C