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Peddlers Creek: Rothesay, New Brunswick

 I have reviewed The Barrel's Head and it is in the same building as Peddlers Creek but I think I want to separate them for blog entries. In case you did not know, Peddlers Creek, The Barrel's Head, and Hammond River Brewing Company are three establishments that are all part of one big complex of fun and entertainment in Rothesay, New Brunswick. Are the nachos from Peddlers Creek different from The Barrel's Head? Honestly, I am not much of a regular consumer of their nachos there! Out of all the times I have been to Peddlers Creek/The Barrel's Head/Hammond River, I have had the nachos maybe 3% of the time. A solid pick there for me every time is their wings with homegrown BBQ sauce. However, this is not a blog on wings. Let's get to the nachos:
Peddler's Creek House-Smoked Brisket Nachos - May 2022

Peddler's Creek House-Smoked Brisket Nachos - February 2021

Peddler's Creek House-Smoked Brisket Nachos - December 2021

Peddlers Creek BBQ Beef Nachos - May 2021

Peddlers Creek BBQ Beef Nachos - May 2021

Peddlers Creek BBQ Chicken Nachos - 2020

Peddlers Creek BBQ Beef Nachos - July 2021

Distribution of Toppings

Of course there was something for every pita chip because you get about 8 large pita triangles on the plate. What can I compare this to? It's like Tiger Woods winning against someone who has never played golf before. Sure he would win, but would it be an impressive win? Probably not. In other words, distribution of toppings vs. chips is much easier with only 8 chips!

With this in mind, we asked for extra chips when we ordered in May 2022. 


The cheese was effectively toasted and the pita chips were nice and fresh. I thought the salsa was unusual and it looked homemade. It's a pico de gallo salsa, which you don't see commonly! The brisket is the real MVP with these nachos, and they give a great quantity. We got the Homegrown NB (blueberry!) BBQ sauce on the brisket as well, which is always amazing.

In December 2021, we asked for extra cheese and that is the way to go if you are going to have nachos at Peddler's Creek. 


The nachos are $19.95 and I could turn this into an economics question. What do you value? If you value quality over quantity, then this is a fair price. If you were disappointed that there were just 8 big pita chips for that price, then you would probably be disappointed. What is your opportunity cost?


I think they are great for an appetizer and not a meal.


I absolutely love the service in every area of this complex of fun!


First of all, I thought the BBQ meat on the nachos at Peddlers Creek really added some flavor that you do not see at many restaurants. Ultimately, this feels similar to what I said about Red Brick.  My argument is that they were great but I got too little of a chip quantity.  Despite the fact that there was a generous amount of meat, nachos are primarily about chips and cheese! It was kind of like going on a great dinner date and then after the appetizer they were like "sorry I'm peeling". 

Nacho Blog Rating: B-