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Red Brick Pub Eatery, Hampton, N.B.

Located in the center of Hampton, New Brunswick, Red Brick Pub Eatery is located on the former site of a fire station and is known as the "Red Brick Corner." On March 1, 2020 I ran from Quispamsis to Hampton and had these nachos as a treat at the end of the training run. It is now 2021, a year later, and it was time to see how the Red Brick nachos stacked up against the competition. 

Red Brick Beef Nachos- November 2018

Red Brick Beef Nachos November 2018
Red Brick Bacon Nachos- March 2020

Red Brick Bacon Nachos - March 2020

Red Brick Beef Nachos - February 2021

Distribution of Toppings

The distribution of toppings was pretty good. There was cheese and vegetables on every chip with toppings to spare after we were done the chips. They were also not shy with the ground beef as there was a lot of ground beef on the nachos. As for the bacon, there was just the right amount of it. Keep in mind that there were not a lot of chips so there was not a lot of room for error. I think anyone could do well with the distribution of toppings if there are maybe 15 chips on the plate. 


The waitress asked if we were going to order anything else and said this was an appetizer. I knew what she meant when I saw the small plate of corn chip nachos. This is probably what you would consider "small sized" if there is a place with the option of large or small. What I did have was great and it had me wanting to order a second plate! I liked how there was a blend of cheese, fresh vegetables, and moist beef. The sauce, which is called poblano-avocado, to me kind of tastes like dill pickle. We received plenty of dips, without having to order extra.

The first time, I did not really taste the sauce as we had ordered it on the side. Every other time after that I have had the sauce on the chips and I really like it. 


The veggie nachos are $14.49. If you add chicken, beef, or bacon, it is $4 extra. In addition, if you want an extra dip, it is $1 more.

I did not get a picture of the menu when I was there in February 2021, so this price could be slightly different. There is no good menu to look at online either to verify the price. I do remember that it was around the price of a regular sized plate of nachos and the price does not justify that size of nachos. A fair price for what you receive would be around $10. 


This is an appetizer sized plate for one person and not for sharing. I notice that the size from March 1, 2020 is double the size from almost one year later in 2021. I will take into consideration that maybe the restaurant is trying to discourage people from sharing nachos in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic like the Gahan House was doing. 


The Red Brick nachos are the equivalent of driving an hour to meet someone, you have fun talking to them for 5 minutes, and then they walk away. Does that justify the long drive? In nacho terms, I really enjoyed what I did have on the plate, but I wouldn't even say that these are in the same league as a top-tier nacho offering like you'd get from the Snooty Fox, who charge the same for their nachos, and their plate is quadruple the size. While I speculate they may be trying to discourage people from sharing due to the pandemic, it still affects the rating because, for the most part, the competition in the area has not changed their quantity. I am understanding regarding these current times, but I still want to review nachos with everything considered.

Nacho Blog Rating: B-