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Algonquin Resort: St Andrews, New Brunswick

The Algonquin Resort first opened its doors in 1889 and is located in the beautiful town of St. Andrews, New Brunswick. The hotel's guests have comprised of heads of state and royalty which have included Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and virtually every Prime Minister of Canada since confederation. It is close to the Kingsbrae Garden and is about a ten minute walk from downtown St. Andrews where you can find restaurants, pubs, and shops. The Algonquin Resort also has a beautiful golf course that is quite the treat to golf lovers around the world. While watching the Habs stay alive in the 2021 NHL playoffs, I had to try the nachos in the Right Whale Pub, located downstairs in the hotel. Algonquin Right Whale Pub Nachos - June 2021 Algonquin Right Whale Pub Nachos - June 2021 Algonquin Resort: St Andrews, New Brunswick Distribution of Toppings We had the RWP Algonquin Nachos twice in the same day. Both times, there was something for e

Up to Par: Norton, New Brunswick

Up to Par is located just around the corner from the Midland Golf Course in Norton, New Brunswick. Up to Par was established in 2008 but it is now under new ownership since 2020. They state on their website that their menu has something for everyone. Do they have nachos that are up to par ? I had to find out, especially since it was getting a few mentions on the Foodie Facebook group  for Saint John.  Up to Par Beef Nachos - May 2021 Up to Par Beef Nachos - May 2021 Distribution of Toppings There might have been 3 or 4 chips with nothing on them left over afterwards and that is pretty good compared to the other plates of nachos I have had in New Brunswick. Even so, there were enough toppings to go on the empty chips, so it was not a disaster. Quality I liked how there was plenty of cheese; we did not alter the nachos by asking for extra cheese. There was a blend of cheese that, when combined, made a blanket of gooey cheesy goodness. I liked how there was some green onion and plenty o