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Up to Par: Norton, New Brunswick

Up to Par is located just around the corner from the Midland Golf Course in Norton, New Brunswick. Up to Par was established in 2008 but it is now under new ownership since 2020. They state on their website that their menu has something for everyone. Do they have nachos that are up to par? I had to find out, especially since it was getting a few mentions on the Foodie Facebook group for Saint John. 

Up to Par Beef Nachos - May 2021

Up to Par Beef Nachos - May 2021

Distribution of Toppings

There might have been 3 or 4 chips with nothing on them left over afterwards and that is pretty good compared to the other plates of nachos I have had in New Brunswick. Even so, there were enough toppings to go on the empty chips, so it was not a disaster.


I liked how there was plenty of cheese; we did not alter the nachos by asking for extra cheese. There was a blend of cheese that, when combined, made a blanket of gooey cheesy goodness. I liked how there was some green onion and plenty of moist beef to go on the chips, which were fresh and tasty. 


The nachos are $15.50 + $4 extra for chicken or beef. They are around the average price for veggie nachos, but on the pricey side for the extra beef. However, considering the quality and the distribution of toppings, this is a good value.


Up to Par is just around the corner from the Midland Golf Course and would bring in a lot of golfers who would have worked up an appetite from 9-18 holes of golf as we did. We shared this plate and needed to order something else for our meal because it was smaller than average. Therefore, I would increase the quantity just a little bit.


The service was lovely.


The waitress took our plate away and I said to her "these nachos were up to par". Looking back, I think the waitresses get those kinds of comments all the time and I was unoriginal. Anyways, when you think of the "par" in golf, you might think of the "standard" requirement for the hole in golf. Thinking back to my time at university, the requirement to move on in Accounting was a C. I would sing in my head "C is for credit, it's good enough for me." Accounting is not for everyone. Back to the nachos: they were not just "par" nachos - I think they were "birdie nachos"! I am glad to know that when I am golfing at the Midland Golf Course, I can come afterwards for a nice treat and great service.  

Nacho Blog Rating: A-