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Tides Restaurant: Alma, New Brunswick

The Tides Restaurant is located at Parkland Village Inn in Alma, New Brunswick. In 2020 & 2021 I felt bad for all the business owners in Alma and hoped they would survive the challenges of the pandemic. I imagined everyone in town was eager for all the tourists to come back and spend money in this lovely little coastal village. In July 2022 Alma was so loaded with tourists, we went to two restaurants for a late supper on a very hot summer night and they turned us away; no more customers wanted that day! Their kitchens were backlogged, servers were run ragged. Our third attempt was at Tides Restaurant where they greeted us with a smile and sat us down immediately. As an Alma regular, I felt like I knew my way around and that I had seen it all! Lo and behold, we had this new experience at Tides Restaurant. We saw nachos on the menu and of course we had to have them - nachos in Alma is a rarity. The Tides Restaurant Shrimp Nachos - July 2022 Distribution of Toppings These nachos remin

The Lower Ledge Gastropub: Doaktown, New Brunswick

The Lower Ledge Gastropub is located on 30 Ledges Inn Lane in Doaktown, New Brunswick. It has a beautiful view of the water for diners to enjoy along with some good comfort food. One of those comfort foods is nachos, so and we had to do some research and put Doaktown on the blog!  The Lower Ledge Gastropub Beef Nachos - July 2022 The Lower Ledge Gastropub Beef Nachos (what was left over) - July 2022 Distribution of Toppings The picture does not do it justice (I think we ate some more leftover toppings before the picture), but there were a lot of toppings left over after all the chips were gone. I would rather have toppings left over than plain chips left over; however, both scenarios impact the rating when it comes to the distribution of toppings.  Quality The toast factor was perfect and I really enjoyed the taste of the cheese. As you can see from the photo, there was only orange cheese on these nachos. I normally expect to see some lighter cheese blended in like a nice jack and/or m

Kozy Resto Bar: Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Kozy Resto Bar is located in the downtown core of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. It is about a 10 minute walk from the falls - those falls are a must-see if you are coming for a visit. We approached the restaurant and could hear the sounds of exuberant karaoke coming from inside. When we took a peek, there was a party-like atmosphere inside with some people dancing to the songs. We thought, "This is our people!", and took a seat. Life is too short to pass up a fun opportunity like that. We looked at the menu and our decision was made as soon as we saw the nachos. What a fun place to do some nacho research and put Grand Falls on my blog!  Kozy Resto Bar  Large Nachos with Beef - July 2022  Distribution of Toppings The top looked like a work of art and it was very tasty. However, there were plenty of plain chips on the bottom layer. There was an average amount of cheese to go with the chips to make it an average rating for the chip to cheese ratio. I am always wary of round chips