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Nacho Week May 8th-15th 2023

 Nacho week was presented by Foodie Saint John and was sponsored by Loch Lomond Mitsuibishi.  The following places participated in Nacho Week: Pizzano's  Costa Nachos                                              Amici Billy's  AJ's  Uptown Eatery Vegolution Grannan's  Churchills  Mexi's Red Brick The Plank Big Bites Lily's  Donair Ave  Lily's  We have been having some good nachos at Lily's lately, and nacho week was no exception. We decided to have their Chicken Bacon Alfredo Nachos since we wanted to try something new and different at Lily's. Why have Lily's Famous Wonton Nachos if we could get it anytime of the year?  Lily's Chicken Bacon Alfredo Nachos - May 2023 Lily's Chicken Bacon Alfredo Nachos - May 2023 Distribution of Toppings The distribution of toppings was spot on, but it was hard to mess up since there was so much alfredo sauce on the chips. I really appreciated how the chips did not turn soggy even though there was a lot of

Tipsy Tomato Pizzeria & Pub: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Tipsy Tomato is located in Millidgeville which is in the north end of Saint John, New Brunswick.  Millidgeville's first neighborhood pub seems to fill a need in the area, which had only the basic fast food options - Wendy's, Subway, etc. for the longest time. I visited the Tipsy Tomato in 2020 and was not satisfied with my experience. However, I went again in April 2023 and had a much better experience.  Tipsy Tomato "Nachos Grande" with Beef - April 2023 Tipsy Tomato "Nachos Grande" with Beef - April 2023 Tipsy Tomato Beef Nachos - 2020 Tipsy Tomato Beef Nachos - 2020 Distribution of Toppings You know what I love? I will tell you a secret: I love when I go back to a place and I come to find out that they improved everything I suggested in the blog after having an earlier bad experience. The pictures almost say it all. I bet you didn't think that those pictures were from the same place, but that is the difference three years can make. That is why we

Montana's BBQ & Bar, Saint John, N.B.

Montana's BBQ & Bar has three locations in New Brunswick and many locations across Canada. Montana's specializes in BBQ - ribs, steak, etc... but they do have nachos on the menu that I try from time to time. In the past, I have had decent to mediocre nachos, but they had never blown me away or made me a "regular" customer there. We visited again in 2021 and 2023 for some nachos, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  Montana's Beef Nachos - February 2023 Montana's Beef Nachos - August 2021 Montana's Beef Nachos - August 2021 Montana's Nachos - May 2020 Montana's Pulled Pork Nachos - April 2019 Montana's Beef Nachos - January 2019 Montana's Beef Nachos - January 2019 Distribution of Toppings If you have read some of my reviews where the distribution of toppings was lacking, you would see a picture of the empty chips left over. At Montana's in August 2021 and February 2023 there is no such picture. In othe