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Saint John Marina: Saint John, New Brunswick

On May 12, 2021, I was interviewed by Julia Wright on Information Morning and I said that the Saint John Marina would be my next destination on my quest to find the best nachos. I waited about 3 weeks to go and after that, it took me a while to post this review. Unlike Lily's, whereas I took a long time to review them because the review was going to be poor, I might have taken a long time to collect my thoughts on the Saint John Marina because it was going to be a really good review that makes me re-evaluate the current top ten of Saint John. 

Saint John Marina Beef Nachos - June 2021

Saint John Marina Beef Nachos - June 2021

Distribution of Toppings

We did ask for extra cheese on the nachos because I saw a picture of them before going and made a note to ask for extra cheese. Therefore, keep this in mind when you are reading the review and looking at the pictures. I thought that there were just enough toppings to go with all the chips and we did not have any empty chips left over afterwards. What a beautiful plate!


The Saint John Marina was not shy with the green onion, tomatoes, and jalapeños and provided enough dips to go with the chips. These combinations added the right amount of spice and flavor and I think that really makes them memorable.  I would have loved to have seen steak pieces, shaved rib, or pulled pork, but the ground beef was wonderfully tasty and moist.


The nachos are $15.99 which is around the average price for a plate of veggie nachos. If you want to add guacamole, it is $3. If you want to add bacon it is $3 extra but the chicken or beef are $5 extra. Considering the quality and distribution of toppings, this plate of nachos is a good value.


It does not look like a big plate when you look at the picture, but the nachos are so full of toppings that they are sufficient to share between two people as a meal. There was a good amount of cheese; however, I think I would have been disappointed had we not asked for extra cheese. I think the extra cheese amount should become the default amount, and if someone asks for extra cheese, they should really get a thick cheese layer.


I always love a good trip to the Saint John Marina because of the atmosphere, great views, service, and great plates of nachos. The only feedback would be to use more cheese, so that we don't have to ask for extra cheese to get a normal amount. That does not take away from the fact that the top ten in Saint John has changed since this experience, and I look forward to adding the Saint John Marina to the top ten.

Nacho Blog Rating: B+