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Randy's Nachos

In April, I tried and rated Amanda's nachos, and now it was Randy's turn. We had nachos at Curly Portables but 5 hours later, we had an appetite for nachos made by our friend on a chilly September night. The night after Friday the 13th and a full moon at that. Randy's Nachos- September 2019 Randy's Nachos- September 2019 The chips that were used were the restaurant multi-colour chips and there was mixed tex-mex cheese put on the nachos. In addition, I thought that fried chicken was a good call to use for chicken instead of just plain grilled chicken. Randy melted the cheese just right and the distribution of toppings was spot-on! I think it's really neat that we have friends who make nachos for us who know how much we love nachos! I think that Randy's nachos were great and I had so much that I did not want to have another nacho. This is a good thing and it does not happen often! Nacho Blog Rating (homemade): A-

Curly Portable's Pub & Grub: Enfield, NS

Established in 1984, Curly Portables is located on the main stretch of Enfield, Nova Scotia. It takes 31 minutes to drive from Enfield to downtown Halifax, NS, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outdoor live music on a chilly September evening. I went to Curly's in May and ordered the pasta, but I knew I wanted my co-founder there for the trying of the nachos, so finally we tried them. Curly Portables Beef Nachos - September 2019 Curly Portables Beef Nachos - September 2019 Curly Portables Chicken Nachos - October 2019 Curly Portables Chicken Nachos - October 2019 Distribution of Toppings It was very rare that there were chips with nothing on them. There was a lot of cheese on the chips as well as beef and chicken. There were not a lot of vegetables in September, but they seemed to have upped their game in October. I also want to add that we did not ask for extra cheese. I like to add that detail because I do not want someone to go for these nachos, not a

Pizza Delight- Quispamsis

Pizza Delight is a Canadian franchise that serves Italian food. There are several restaurants in Canada and there are about 6-7 restaurants in the region of Southern New Brunswick. For a long time, I did not have any new nacho reviews  in Saint John and the reason for this is because I feel I would be disappointed with any restaurants that I have left out thus far. It sounds pessimistic but maybe realistic after you read my review of Pizza Delight, Quispamsis. BBQ Classic Chicken Nachos- August 2019 BBQ Classic Chicken Nachos- August 2019 Distribution of Toppings In all fairness, there was something for every chip. We asked for extra cheese, but Pizza Delight did not deliver. Quality The chips were fresh and I enjoyed how they had the mixed cheeses (not a lot of cheese though). What really killed the quality was that there were big onions all over them. They really needed to cook the onions more and cut them a little smaller. I really felt like all I was eati