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Curly Portable's Pub & Grub: Enfield, NS

Established in 1984, Curly Portables is located on the main stretch of Enfield, Nova Scotia. It takes 31 minutes to drive from Enfield to downtown Halifax, NS, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outdoor live music on a chilly September evening. I went to Curly's in May and ordered the pasta, but I knew I wanted my co-founder there for the trying of the nachos, so finally we tried them.

Curly Portables Beef Nachos - September 2019

Curly Portables Beef Nachos - September 2019

Curly Portables Chicken Nachos - October 2019

Curly Portables Chicken Nachos - October 2019

Distribution of Toppings

It was very rare that there were chips with nothing on them. There was a lot of cheese on the chips as well as beef and chicken. There were not a lot of vegetables in September, but they seemed to have upped their game in October. I also want to add that we did not ask for extra cheese. I like to add that detail because I do not want someone to go for these nachos, not ask for extra cheese, then have a different result than my experience. Of course there are different factors that could make it different for their future visit (ie change in chef), but I like to be detailed if I can.


The chips tasted just like chips you would have in Mexico. They gave me kind of a Snooty Fox feel when I was having them minus the cajun spice. The beef was moist and the mixture of cheese left me wanting more. The chicken was just alright. Could have been grilled or otherwise browned prior to putting on the nachos. For that reason, I would recommend getting the beef instead of chicken when going to Curly Portables.


I believe they were average priced for veggie and then extra for meat. I did not take note of the exact price and they do not have it listed on their online menu. Same story in October as I did not catch the price.


I shared the nachos and they kept me full until my next meal.


When I went in September and got the beef nachos, I compared them to The Snooty Fox. I think I need to feel "The Excellence" sometime soon because I am forgetting how Excellent it is. These are NOT like the Snooty Fox but they are pretty good. I would choose beef over chicken based on quality.

Nacho Blog Rating: A-