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Vegas Bar & Grill, Saint John, N.B.

Vegas Bar & Grill is located on Main Street North in Saint John, New Brunswick. Vegas is located inside of a hotel. I go to Vegas periodically, and for a treat I order the nachos on my lunch break. Vegas Chicken Nachos Vegas Veggie Nachos Vegas Chicken Nachos - March 2019 Vegas Beef Nachos - July 2019 Vegas Beef Nachos - December 2019 Distribution of Toppings You can see from the pictures that there is cheese on the nachos but it is sparse, and you do not really taste the cheese when you are having them. I felt like I just had chips with loose toppings with maybe a hint of a taste of cheese. Quality I really think my opinion changed since the last time I went to Vegas. The chips were fresh and crispy and the toppings were good; however, the cheese was not great. Value The veggie nachos with salsa and sour cream on the side costs $10.99. They have increased their price recently, but I still think it is a good value for veggie nachos in comparison to

The Ale House, Saint John, N.B.

The Saint John Ale House is located on The Boardwalk in Uptown Saint John. It has an upstairs, which looks like a traditional restaurant, and a downstairs, which is more of a pub. If you get there early on a summer evening, you have a front row seat to the entertainment on the boardwalk. The Ale House is known for its variety of ales; however, I am here to review the kettle chips. Saint John, N.B. has +-5 places that offer nachos with kettle chips instead of tortilla or pita chips. I can think of three places with kettle chips: Britt's , The Saint John Ale House, and Cask and Kettle . I do prefer corn chips over kettle chips but then again, maybe I have not had the "right" kettle chip nachos. Update: I had the right ones at The Old Triangle in Moncton , N.B. My review from 2017 had expired; therefore, I went back to re-vamp my review. I re-visit places because it's a possibility that the previous experience was a bad night or the chef had changed since then. The A

Match Factory Restaurant & Cafe, Hampton, N.B.

Match Factory Restaurant & Cafe is located in the strip mall area of Hampton, NB, in the location formerly occupied by Holly's Restaurant. In 2017 and some of 2018, I was tagged multiple times in a "share & win" promotion of  a Nacho Bar night at Match Factory Restaurant. On Thursday nights, there was a nacho bar buffet for a price of $14 with the purchase of a beverage. I have a few pictures of their Nacho Bar as well as their regular nachos. "Nacho Bar" All-you-can-eat nachos - April 2019 "Nacho Bar" All-you-can-eat nachos "Nacho Bar" All-you-can-eat nachos Match Factory Nachos - December 2018 Match Factory Nachos - December 2018 Nacho Bar: Quality At the Nacho Bar, the chips and vegetables were fresh and of high quality. The only thing I can mention regarding quality is the toppings, because if you make your own nachos, of course they will be good. If someone else made the nachos, then there would b