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Match Factory Restaurant & Cafe, Hampton, N.B.

Match Factory Restaurant & Cafe is located in the strip mall area of Hampton, NB, in the location formerly occupied by Holly's Restaurant. In 2017 and some of 2018, I was tagged multiple times in a "share & win" promotion of  a Nacho Bar night at Match Factory Restaurant. On Thursday nights, there was a nacho bar buffet for a price of $14 with the purchase of a beverage. I have a few pictures of their Nacho Bar as well as their regular nachos.

"Nacho Bar" All-you-can-eat nachos - April 2019

"Nacho Bar" All-you-can-eat nachos

"Nacho Bar" All-you-can-eat nachos

Match Factory Nachos - December 2018

Match Factory Nachos - December 2018

Nacho Bar:


At the Nacho Bar, the chips and vegetables were fresh and of high quality. The only thing I can mention regarding quality is the toppings, because if you make your own nachos, of course they will be good. If someone else made the nachos, then there would be less chance of bias. Finally, I want to state that they have spicy liquid cheese (queso) for the Nacho Bar and that could be a deterrent as the cheese could be the make or break. I like the queso, but I realize it is not for everyone.

Update: In April 2019, I had to remind the staff that the queso and chili were not put out at the buffet. I ended up with grated cheese (non-melted) sprinkled around the chips, and felt like I could have made better nachos at home. Further, the salsa, sour cream, and guacamole did not seem homemade like the previous time. I am pretty sure the salsa was just regular tostitos salsa you can get at the grocery store. 


The Nacho Bar is $14 with the purchase of a drink (and it does not have to be an alcoholic drink). I think it is a really good value considering the average price for veggie nachos is $15 and that is just for one plate made by the restaurant.


When I went in April 2019 and told the waitress that the cheese and chili were not there, she said that I could go and get some more nachos (while I was paying the bill) and she made sure that stuff was out as soon as possible. The fact that one of the most basic things at the nacho bar was not out there is not a reflection of the waitresses service because I think she handled it well.


I think it is a unique idea to make your own nachos, but I think the only merit you can give to the restaurant is for the value, quality and variety of the chips and toppings when you are referring to the Nacho Bar on Thursday nights. Further, they really need to make sure the queso and chili are out on the buffet when they do the Nacho Bar because the cheese is the most important part. Otherwise, I have tasty chips, fresh toppings, and generic dips that fill me, but do not satisfy me.

Not Nacho Bar Nachos:

Distribution of Toppings

There were not a lot of veggies and there could have been more cheese. I have seen worse in terms of the distribution, but I really had high expectations and they were squashed when I got this plate in December 2018.


To be fair, the chips were very crispy and fresh. The cheese they had on the nachos was delicious and the peppers were fresh. They just could have used more of what they had. I do not like how they come with barbecue sauce and you have to ask to not have the sauce on it.


The nachos are $14 without meat. If you add chicken it is $5 extra, bacon $4 extra, and pulled pork $3 extra. I think it is about the average price for average nachos.


I shared these nachos and I was full after having them. It could also be because I had wings before having the nachos. I think it was a fair amount for the price.

Final Conclusion

I think Match Factory has a competitive advantage when it comes to their Nacho Bar. I think it is a great idea that people can put whatever they want on their nachos, yet still attain the quality of toppings. However, if you order nachos any other time, for the most part, it is disappointing if you are expecting similar quality of toppings of the nacho bar. For that reason, I have to give Red Brick the title of the best nachos in Hampton. Finally, not having the queso and the lower quality of the dips in my latest visit of April 2019 was a pretty big let down.

Nacho Blog Rating: C

p.s. Match Box Pizza in Quispamsis does not serve nachos even though it says "nachos" on their sign. If you want Match Box nachos, go to Hampton.