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Delizioso Bistro & Sweets: Saint John, N.B.

Delizioso Bistro & Sweets is located on the east side of Saint John, New Brunswick, and is across the street from the Cineplex movie theatres. It has been mentioned many times by local foodies , so I had to check it out. I went in February 2021 and I was very satisfied with a lot of the nacho experience and I had them in the Hometown Top ten for a good chunk of this year. Our visit in September of 2021 was not as good. Was it because I had tried more nachos since then and gained more perspective? Or is it just that the magic from February was not quite there in September? Delizioso Nachos - September 2021 Delizioso Nachos -September 2021 Delizioso Nachos - February 2021 Delizioso Nachos - February 2021   Distribution of Toppings There were toppings on all the chips, so they met the standard with the distribution of toppings. Quality The chips were homemade (wheat tortillas fried in-house) which gives them a bit of a competitive advantage over some other nachos in Saint John that us

Berc's Cookhouse: Hampton, N.B.

Berc's Cookhouse is located on Main Street, in Hampton, New Brunswick. They do not have a website, probably because they are a brand new business as of the fall of 2021. We checked out their menu at the door and, lo and behold, there were nachos on the menu. I did not know anything about this business going into the experience and it had never been mentioned anywhere on the Foodie Group on Facebook, so everything about it was new. Was it a good new experience? Let's see! Berc's Cookhouse Beef Nachos - October 2021 Berc's Cookhouse Beef Nachos - October 2021 Berc's Cookhouse Beef Nachos (chips leftover) - October 2021 Distribution of Toppings The picture above says a lot about the distribution of toppings. We might have, between the two of us, had 6 chips with something on them and then we were left with many plain chips with not a lot of toppings to put on the chips. Sometimes, at least we get enough dip to go with the leftover plain chips... but this was one of th

Belly Up BBQ & Grill: Truro, Nova Scotia

Belly Up BBQ & Grill is located on Robie Street in Truro, Nova Scotia. They are known for their great beer, big patio, great eats, and live music. I feel like we missed out on the live music on the patio, but that just means that we will have to go back and experience it! When we went to Truro, we had a pretty wide variety of food including Thai and Indian; however, there were a couple of times where we decided to do some nacho research. This was one of the times.  Belly Up BBQ & Grill Pulled Pork Nachos (sharing size) - September 2021 Belly Up BBQ & Grill Pulled Pork Nachos (sharing size) - September 2021 Belly Up BBQ & Grill Pulled Pork Nachos (sharing size) - September 2021 Distribution of Toppings There was a really good chip to topping ratio. I also really appreciated that there was just the right amount of pulled pork. I do not like nachos that have too much meat - "everything in moderation".  Quality Although I liked how the two cheeses were blended tog

Nook and Cranny: Truro, NS

Finally! A new blog post outside of New Brunswick for the first time since 2019! We were so excited to go to another province, which turned out to be the province of Nova Scotia. We had some Indian food, Thai Food, and of course that wonderful Mexican food that is nachos. We went to the Nook and Cranny in Truro, NS on a very warm September afternoon and enjoyed the ambiance of their outside patio. Located right downtown on the main street of Truro (Prince Street), this pub is right in the centre of the action in this fun Nova Scotia town. Nook and Cranny Bacon Nachos (personal size) - September 2021 Nook and Cranny Bacon Nachos (personal size) - September 2021 Distribution of Toppings There is no picture with chips left over so you know what that means! Every chip had a lot of cheese and toppings and was satisfying to the last bite. Great distribution. Quality There was perfect toast factor with plenty of toppings on the chips. I appreciated that there was an option to order the corn t