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Delizioso Bistro & Sweets: Saint John, N.B.

Delizioso Bistro & Sweets is located on the east side of Saint John, New Brunswick, and is across the street from the Cineplex movie theatres. It has been mentioned many times by local foodies, so I had to check it out. I went in February 2021 and I was very satisfied with a lot of the nacho experience and I had them in the Hometown Top ten for a good chunk of this year. Our visit in September of 2021 was not as good. Was it because I had tried more nachos since then and gained more perspective? Or is it just that the magic from February was not quite there in September?

Delizioso Nachos - September 2021

Delizioso Nachos -September 2021

Delizioso Nachos - February 2021

Delizioso Nachos - February 2021

 Distribution of Toppings

There were toppings on all the chips, so they met the standard with the distribution of toppings.


The chips were homemade (wheat tortillas fried in-house) which gives them a bit of a competitive advantage over some other nachos in Saint John that use chips out of a box. The first time we ate there, the cook came out and told us how he cut up and fried the wheat tortillas. We thought it was a very unique taste, compared with the other nacho chips available in Saint John. I would enjoy them even if they were on their own without the cheese and other toppings. However, wheat tortillas are considered non-traditional, so they can never really stack up with a freshly fried corn tortilla that some other places offer. 

Both times we ate these chips, they didn't use a traditional cheese blend (typically cheddar, jack, maybe mozza). They seem to use mozza and possibly parmesan? I liked how they had a lot of peppers and green olives instead of black olives to make them different from the competition. In addition, there was enough dip for the plate, and I liked how there was no sauce on the chips. The only thing I would suggest is to have an option to add meat.

2021-September Update: When we went in September 2021, the nachos were not cooked through. There was a second layer of cheese underneath which was not melted at all, and was just the cold shredded cheese and toppings sitting on barely-warm chips. We think they should have been cooked for about five more minutes, or maybe longer at a lower heat. Good nachos take patience, and they're worth the wait.


If I am having fun eating a good plate of nachos, I am expecting to pay around $20. The nachos are $14 without meat, so it is less than average in price for a veggie nacho plate. As cheap as they may be, the cooking issues in September really made them seem like not as good a value this time around. What's the point of paying less if the product is inferior?


The nachos are good to share as a meal. The chips are really filling, and the amount of cheese also makes these nachos quite a feast for two people. We ordered them both times as an appetizer and the second time, I could not even start on my main meal after tackling these nachos.


The service in February compared to September was like night and day when it came to the overall customer experience. In February, the service was excellent and in September, I left with a bad taste in my mouth. The server was just absent a lot of the time when we needed drink refills or to pay the bill, and we kept hearing shouting from the kitchen which seemed to involve the server and the cook, which made for an awkward experience and does not make me want to go back. We did let the server know about how the bottom layer was not cooked at all, and hopefully they take our advice and cook them thoroughly in the future. 


I will still praise the quality of the chips as well as the generous serving of dips that are provided at Delizioso Bistro & Sweets. Unfortunately, with the negative customer experience as well as the fact that the bottom layer was not melted, I have to reduce the grade. Thoroughly cooking every layer of cheese is a basic element of cooking nachos, and when it's not done it seems like the cooks just don't care. Also, I stand by my previous recommendation to offer an option to add meat.

Nacho Blog Rating: B-