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East Coast Pub & Grill: Saint John, New Brunswick

The East Coast Pub & Grill is located close to the new overpass on the east side of Saint John, New Brunswick. I received a text from my photographer that I was invited for some snacks and drinks on a Friday night before our vacation and my first response was "ok, order nachos" as it is all part of the research experience. East Coast Pub Beef Nachos - March 2020 East Coast Pub Beef Nachos - March 2020 Distribution of Toppings Judging from the picture, they look fantastic. However, the makeup comes off and we were left with many chips with nothing on them afterwards. Quality The beef, chips, veggies were tasty but I would have preferred restaurant style tortilla chips instead of round chips. I find that round chips kind of makes them like homemade nachos. Quantity I shared these nachos and then had some tacos at home later that night. They are only meant for a snack while you have some beers. I would not go there with the expectation that you are going

Jason's Nachos

I am so happy to say that our friend had us over for an epic supper one winter night. His name is Jason! Jason's Nachos- February 2020 Jason's Nachos- February 2020 There was a big pan full of nachos and plenty for the 4 of us to share! There was a lot of cheese on every chip and the beef had a very good kick to it. He had guacamole (lesley made it), salsa, sour cream and hot sauces for the daring! I was so satisfied with the amount of nachos that I didn't even have popcorn later on that night! With homemade nachos, I do not rate them the same as I would for a restaurant but I can't rate them higher than my photographer's nachos. Sorry Jason!! haha Nacho Blog Rating: A