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The Plank: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Plank is located at Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is the latest operation to run in this building, which is a Saint John landmark and an old favorite for many residents, especially west siders (like I used to be!). There is a plank-shaped observation deck on the roof which we watched people visiting while we had our nachos. The Plank opened its doors in November 2022 and I quickly found out that they served nachos and, according to the Foodie group on Facebook, and I heard that they were delicious nachos. I always like to take every opportunity to try a new place and I like being able to keep the hometown top ten list fresh. The Plank Beef Nachos - May 2023 The Plank Beef Nachos - May 2023 Distribution of Toppings There were not enough chips to go with the toppings, unfortunately. Every chip did have toppings on it, but as with all single layer nachos, that is pretty easy to do.  Quality With all those toppings and their water content, the fried wheat flour tort

The Lunar Rogue Pub: Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Lunar Rogue Pub is located on King Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick. A historical overview of the Lunar Rogue can be viewed here . We decided to get some nachos after a nice 5km race to celebrate the moment, and we thought "Why not go to a new place that's not on the blog yet?" So, I did not go to the Snooty Fox for the 50th time in my life. I actually tried somewhere new for nachos in Fredericton. The Lunar Rogue Chicken Nachos - May 2023 The Lunar Rogue Chicken Nachos - May 2023 Distribution of Toppings There were quite a few problems with these nachos, but the distribution of toppings was not one of them. There were lots of toppings and they covered every chip. Quality I remember going to The Lunar Rogue back in the 2000's and ordering nachos. This was before I took pictures of my nachos but I did give the server a review that I remember her not appreciating. I said "these toppings are very tasty but they are drowned in this salsa that takes your att

Sports Rock: Moncton, New Brunswick

Sports Rock has two locations: Moncton and Dieppe, New Brunswick. We went to the Moncton location on Mountain Road since it was recommended to us by our Monctonian friends. On one of our regular Moncton shopping trips which normally includes Bass Pro Shop, maybe one other store, and a pub, we decided to stop by Sports Rock for lunch. What a great opportunity to have some good nachos (Oops, I spoiled the rating), and also to practice driving around Moncton! Sports Rock Beef Nachos - April 2023 Sports Rock Beef Nachos - April 2023 Distribution of Toppings The distribution of toppings was fair as there were some bare naked chips left over afterwards. It is recommended to order extra cheese for these nachos. Quality The chips were a tad on the chewy side but there was plenty of delicious veggies and cheese sauce on these nachos. I do not know if I have ever had nachos with more veggies than this. They had a fair  toast factor and the pub had a fun sporty atmosphere despite the high-ceiling

York Bistro & Pub: Saint John, New Brunswick

 York Bistro & Pub is located in the Hilton in Saint John, New Brunswick with great views of the Bay of Fundy and a wonderful atmosphere. I am happy to be able to make a nice fresh review for a restaurant in the Saint John area as a new experience in Saint John when it comes to nachos is hard to come by. It would be cool to say that I've tried all the nachos in Saint John someday. Maybe I can make it a bucket list item.  York Bistro & Pub Chicken Nachos - February 2023 York Bistro & Pub Chicken Nachos - February 2023 York Bistro & Pub Chicken Nachos (what was left over) - February 2023 Distribution of Toppings There's an extra picture up there... you may already know what that means: There were a lot of chips left over. Also I would recommend asking for extra cheese when ordering these nachos. I find a lot of places have a hard time with layering their nachos but layering might make the difference between good and excellent nachos on the nacho blog rating scale.