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The Plank: Saint John, New Brunswick

The Plank is located at Reversing Falls in Saint John, New Brunswick. It is the latest operation to run in this building, which is a Saint John landmark and an old favorite for many residents, especially west siders (like I used to be!). There is a plank-shaped observation deck on the roof which we watched people visiting while we had our nachos.

The Plank opened its doors in November 2022 and I quickly found out that they served nachos and, according to the Foodie group on Facebook, and I heard that they were delicious nachos. I always like to take every opportunity to try a new place and I like being able to keep the hometown top ten list fresh.

The Plank Beef Nachos - May 2023

The Plank Beef Nachos - May 2023

Distribution of Toppings

There were not enough chips to go with the toppings, unfortunately. Every chip did have toppings on it, but as with all single layer nachos, that is pretty easy to do. 


With all those toppings and their water content, the fried wheat flour tortilla chips ended up being soggy. Perhaps the chips could have been fried longer, or perhaps fewer wet toppings could be added. Hopefully the chef can make improvements. I liked that they used a blend of cheese and I remember the beef being tasty (despite being a bit overcooked) but overall they came up short on quality.


This is not what I would call a large plate of nachos but it did satisfy us when we shared it for lunch.


Their nachos are $17.99 without meat. If you add chicken or beef it is $4.99 extra. The value is not very good considering the distribution of toppings and the quality, but the amazing atmosphere of Reversing Falls out the gigantic windows right beside our table certainly helps make the experience a decent value. 


They were so soft, they kind of felt like eating a pizza especially in the middle! I think I will try a nice seafood dish the next time I go to The Plank. The servers were friendly, the drinks are pricey, but it's a beautiful atmosphere for a meal. We came for research purposes but I think it's safe to say that nachos are not their specialty.

Nacho Blog Rating: B-